Minecraft Block Shuffle...

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Minecraft Block Shuffle... Can we hunt down some of Minecraft's most random blocks? Or will we die trying...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. We try and find and stand on random blocks that are selected after each round. We have five minutes to find and stand on the block before we lose. Me and my friend George both get different random blocks, and whoever loses first loses the game.
If this video gets 100,000 likes we'll make this a series!
This is a little different than my normal content. Rather than being about combat or about trapping, this is about racing and about general Minecraft skills. This was super fun, challenging, and pretty funny overall.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.

  • Getting some comments about BastiGHG (A (german?) youtuber) having done something similar to this (although solo). We came up with this ideas ourselves and custom coded it and are unaware of it being done anywhere else, but if he did something similar first then might as well comment it here :) Hope you guys enjoyed the video!!

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    • Hiiiiii

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    • hnhng

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    • YES!

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    • Yes he is German

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    • Do more plz ;^;

  • Hiiiii

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  • I would just like to point out how out of more than 100 different blocks, the randomizer gave George blue concrete and Dream lime concrete... Crazy Time stamp: 25:11

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  • Qqekdkrudifjfhfvg

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  • When you needed ice you could have just froze your water on the first mountain you were on

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  • K

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  • I thought dream was gonna say “Today we are playing a new game called........ *MINECRAFT*

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  • Everyday I’m shuffling

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  • My friends luck: grass block My luck: end stone

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  • George : I AM COLORBLIND!!! Me : Ummm if your colorblind THEN HOW DID YOU KNOW THE YELLOW DYE WAS YELLOW!!! ARE YOU NOT?????

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  • George find a grass block Dream stand on the ender egg

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  • 9:40 he be running past ice 😂

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  • George: There's actually no diamonds here! Me: bruh 24:46

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  • “stand on a water” I didn’t know your aloud to break grammar rules

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    • Physics rules*

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  • seeyin concrete - Dream 2020

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  • Hmm "friend" 🤨🙃

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  • Lol gogre is so good

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  • George: Your new block is: Grass Block Dream: Your new block is: Shulker

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  • this is kinda like bingo

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  • bruh i need part two

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  • I love that dream plays Christmas munis whenever he is happy lmao

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  • The way he said syan is s sin

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  • can you accsept nodloolcats101 on roblox its my sis dram she loves ur vids

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  • Хоккей О'кей он призы кукольника

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  • Фриз плитка Hello one two three four five six seven eight Ten

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  • О привет Alpine засядька

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  • The way dream says cyan

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  • You must stand on end stone

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  • Imagine it saying: Diamond block in the first two minutes

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  • Who else got a little annoyed that when he found the diamond ore Christmas music started playing 😂

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  • Imagine getting "barrier block"

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  • Dream your videos are the best I love your videos

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  • Is nobody gonna be talking about how the video is **/*****/**/*?

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    • Huh?

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  • George: can beat Minecraft George again: doesn’t know what a cornflower is

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  • 13:18 George:İm Colorblind Me: How u craft Yellow Wool

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  • dreams famous first words: This video

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  • I don’t know how dream managed to find the ice

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  • I have a joke INworlds: you have notifications Me:YAY FROM DREAM My friend:☹️

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  • The way he said cyan lol. See-an

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  • Against 99999999 youtubers you are the pro and I love you

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  • It was so sad he placed the yellow wool right in between the sheep and flowers!!

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  • When I liked this video, the like become 857k from 856k.. Lol

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  • Its making me rage how dream doesnt stand on his block when he makes it

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  • 13:08

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  • 13:10 "where do i find blue flowers im color blind" 💀💀

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  • See-an. 18:38. Oh Dream. Honey. No.

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  • The way he said "cyan" I can't- 18:32

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  • 18 million subscribers nice

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  • Dream: water block George: ender dragon egg

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  • How does a Minecraft expert not know how to craft an anvil? :|

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  • Alternative title: dream and George flexing their luck for 25 minutes and 22 seconds

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  • *Minecraft* "Your block is *Dragon egg*" *Dream* *SPEEDRUN MODE ACTIVATE*

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  • nobody dream: CEAN CONCRETE?? (look at my profile pic btw this is not meant to be joke)

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  • George’s blocks: grass block Dream’s blocks: End Crystal

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  • Cow: Hey george~ Dream: *So you've chosen death*

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  • George: where do I get blue flowers I'm colorblind Dream: W.H.E.E.Z.E George: this game is against my disability.

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  • 18:37 beautiful voice crack

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  • All of the 12k dislikes are just bc there jealous bc they kno they will never be as good as him

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  • What if he got you must stand on a lava

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    • get out quickly

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  • Imagine Dream needed to stand on a monster spawner block as soon as he broke it

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  • Netherite block

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  • Si the guy he goes to the Nether in 4 minute 47 ? 😂😭

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  • imagine if one of them got a netherite block

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  • Dream lucky cool

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  • Dream lucky cool

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  • George: grass block Dream: out pizza the hut

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  • Me googling dreams real name doubting that it is Clay: 7:48

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  • hi logan paul. i now you have i voice chansher and your name is logan. i like your videos logan

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  • I love how he says cyan Cean

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  • What’s with the Christmas music

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  • imagine one of them got end stone...

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  • He had a blast furnace in his inventory

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  • 12:58

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  • GeorgeFound has NotFound his block

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  • my wifi is soo bad i cant tell the diference between iron and stone

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  • and we have to S̶̞͓͕̜̘͛̏̓̾̂͌̚ţ̴̡̨̙̝̟̝̾̑͊͒A̸̡̧̼̫̠̰̯̪͆͗͆̅̽̔̂̕͜n̷͎͕͍̦̤͍̘̿̈́̄̓̅̾̈́͗̚͝D̵̛͖̫̲̥͋̆̒̌̈́͗̀̚͝ on the block

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  • i was thinking netherrack would be impossible bc of the new biomes but then i remembered that the update hasn't come yet. Im an idiot

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  • imagine if one of them got 'end portal frame' or 'end stone'

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  • George: find air Dream: find bedrock

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  • Pls do face reval

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  • Why did u kill tommy in the dream smp and now he’s out? ;(

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  • One more video like this please

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  • Dream says Cyan weirdly, is it a country thing?

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  • 13:10 😂

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  • Y do u always use this music its kinda annyoing and funny

  • George: AIR BLOCK Dream: Purpur block

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  • "c-YAN concrete"

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  • George: find oxygen Dream: find a TNT that's exploding, lava and the cure to cancer

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  • Wtf u dream i just killed tommy

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  • What if the block is diamond

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