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Hi Guys, This time I have come up with new content. It is a funny video which shows School Life - Rich Vs Normal
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Sanjhalika Shokeen
Ruchi Yadav
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#Rich #Richvsnormal #schoollife
Concept and Motivated by Aashish Bhardwaj (Sociopool India Pvt Ltd)
Shoot by: maine khud karliya
Edit bhi khud karliya
Script by: Pankaj Sharma and Anubhav Golia
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  • This is a nasty film. Tries to glamorise the rich and put down poor. Real life is different, in fact reverse.

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  • Middle class mien zyada overacting ho gyi mai bhi itni ameer nhi hu par meri mummy mere shirt dhuli rakhti hai pure din paratha aachar to kisi ki mummy nhi khilati hai or vase toh tuta bhi nhi Aapne middle class logo ko kuch zyada kharab dikhaya hai mai middle class nhi hu par itni ameer bhi nhi hu ki fail hone par school hi apne naam karali Don't take it as hate comment I love you and your videos

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  • Beautiful❤️❤️❤️

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