AMAZING DIY IDEAS FROM EPOXY RESIN || 22 easy epoxy resin crafts and jewelry

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Brilliant crafts using epoxy resin There are countless things you can make with epoxy resin. You just need to know the correct way to use it and have enough creativity to come up with brilliant, decorative masterpieces. Today we wanted to inspire you, and we created this brand new compilation filled with adorable epoxy resin crafts for your home. - We start with a cutting board. We used a mold and two different colored resins to make a fantastic gradient glass-looking cutting board for your veggies. - If you want to create something spring-themed this season: Take some dried flowers, embed them in liquid epoxy resin just as we demonstrate in the video to make fabulous DIY jewelry that match the current fashion trends. - Another beautiful craft is the floral-shaped and swirly-patterned coasters for your mugs. - To keep your paperclips organized, try creating the craft with the magnetic eggs. You’ll need eggshells (whole), a small magnet for each egg, resin, and glitter colors of your choice.
1:52 - Beautiful DIY earrings
4:48 - Egg-shaped paperclip magnets
6:26 - Amazing acorn-shaped earrings
8:15 - Galaxy-inspired tube earrings

Check out this awesome ASMR cooking video:

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  • 5 Minutes In your life Not being spent well U being dumb or what Too much work Everything in your house gone Such a waste of time 👁👄👁

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  • Fun Fact-You are reading the comments and watching the video 🎥 at the same time

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  • 5 minute crafts be like "Your car is too big for the garage?" "Cut it in half!"

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    • Hahahaha

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    • Fr they be like garage to small?? Crash your car!!

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    • @Ramon Villanueva and is there a problem? I'm just spreading the TRUTH about 5 minute crafts

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    • @Ramon Villanueva yea i did

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