POACHED EGGS | how to poach an egg (perfectly)

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Poached eggs are a beautiful thing. The whites are just firm enough on the outside to contain an oozy, golden yolk in a round little egg package. And they make for a delicious, healthy breakfast. With a few tips, you too can learn how to poach an egg perfectly every time!
For my best poached egg recipes (like the one shown in the video), make sure to click the recipe post link below.
For the FULL Poached Eggs recipe: bit.ly/2MEU3Fk
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  • Hi guys! For those of you who may be a little intimidated with making poached eggs at home, I hope today's tutorial will show you just how easy it is! You can store poached eggs for 4-5 days in the fridge (see more tips in the recipe post), so they're also great for meal prep! What's your favorite breakfast with poached eggs? xo - Lisa

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    • @Dave Be Bear ROFLMAO. Only a halfwit needs instruction on how to cook eggs. And any one who worries how they look needs to get a life. And only a pitiful loser would defend it. I've got toy cars that are easier to wind up.

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    • @JP Trying to save face? Nice... But you're still the kid who got upset over a video on how to cook eggs.

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    • @Dave Be Bear you don't seem to realise I'm taking the piss out of you ;-) Too much egg on your face to cope!

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    • @JP lol soo damn bitter....and over eggs of all things. Must suck being you haha

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  • damn u just wanted to make eggs not plan an attack

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  • Breakfast looks great. Eggs kept in the fridge are thinner due to the low temp. Room temp. eggs seem to keep their shape better. My question: eggs from fridge or eggs at room temperature for poaching?

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    • From fridge

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  • How to poach an egg: 1. Make sure the farmer's asleep 2. Make sure the hen's asleep 3. Enter the chicken coop and grab as many eggs as you can. 4. Run.

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  • It's wild how she can talk while chewing.

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  • The best tutorial on poached eggs! Thank you

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    • Glad it was helpful! 😊

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  • I'm a breakfast cook by trade and not once have I ever trimmed the whites to get rid of the "wispies" .. not once. Can't do that when there's 15 benedicts on the board. You also let your water get too cold. And the eggs are never fresh that morning from the store.

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  • Great video. Currently, my poached eggs are terrible. I will follow the instructions. Good poached eggs are absolutely yum. In Germany, they put a poached egg on top of some chopped potatoes when served with your schnitzel. Absolutely heaven.

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  • Her : creates perfect poached egg easily Me: that seemed easy Me: scarmbled egg but in water

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  • Can anyone explain me the diff. b/w brown and white eggs? And also about diff. b/w farm eggs,organic eggs and desi eggs(india)?

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  • The correct method to poach an egg is to go onto a chicken farmer's land and shoot the eggs without permission from the farmer.

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  • I will perhaps never try a poached egg but enjoyed the video.

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  • The salt water demo had no vortex, was always guna fail!

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  • even easier... just place the white cups 2.58 into a pan with 12mm of hot water and simmer with a lid for 2 mins.. Bingo perfect eggs :)

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  • No wedding ring or tattoos and a easygoing personality . I am Looking for someone like you. Appreciate your video , poached eggs are the ultimate.

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  • That's helpful, if a bit labor intensive. I use two chemicals, which give fair success: Veg oil to coat the pan, so the egg doesn't stick, and acetic acid to coagulale the white ablmuen (that much vinegar would leave a noticeable taste).

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  • I thought I was bad at poaching eggs, now i realise I'm somewhat of an expert, even in the microwave. But they still don't taste as good as in the restaurant. Maybe they're just experts from practice. Practice does something to the results in most aspects of life.

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  • I loved how she seems to have left out just placing the eggs in boiling water for 4 minutes. I add a little butter(real butter) in a bowl and a dash of salt. The most difficult part is cracking the shell and separating the shell from the egg, and it isn't hard with a spoon. Hmm!

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  • My problem is how the egg sticks to the pan even with deep water.

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  • You got that swirling technique from Gordon Ramsay watercress soup video. 👎 for not being original.

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    • So by your logic if you use the same method as someone and it works it’s copying. You know Gordon Ramsey didnt create cooking right!

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  • I really liked your poached eggs video, thank you but let me add one more thing ...you're really cute!

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  • Hmm... Why not just drop the egg in a tea cup filled to 2/3 with cold water and put it in the microwawe oven for 1 - 1.5 minutes? Can't go wrong.

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  • i have a suggestion what if you use a small pouch and then add the egg in to hot water you will get the perfect shape.

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  • hi, thanks for sharing. what fire should we use for the 3mins boiling?

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  • use fresh eggs.. add vinegar .... you can use spinach instead of asparagus

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  • I poach my eggs by making a little cup out of aluminum foil. I form a piece of foil on an upside-down glass then trim it. I spray the inside of my foil cup with cooking oil and put it in the boiling water to get hot. When hot enough, I drop my egg inside it. Eggs cook very fast this way.

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  • Happy to see all my tips made it into your video 😁 One thing : instead of plopping the eggs into the water from a height, dip the ramekin slightly into the hot water and slide out the egg. Less clouds of egg white and less chance of breaking the yolk.

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  • I remove the water off burner,let the water settle ,then gently put the egg in.

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