30 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!

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30 Occasions when Lionel Messi Stunned, Shocked, Amazed the footballing world throughout his Career! Nobody has ever scored 5 goals in 1 champions league match before but nobody has ever played champions league football quite like Lionel Messi. In this video you'll see also his 4 goals against Arsenal, Solo Goal Against Getafe, his Hattrick against Real Madrid when he was just 19-Years old!
00:00-00:06 Intro Barcastudio
00:07-01:23 Messi Vs Juventus Gamper Tour
01:24-01:34 Messi Genius Flick Vs Arsenal
01:35-01:47 Guiness World Record 91 Goals in a Calender Year
01:48-02:00 Messi Freekick Under the wall against girona
02:01-02:22 Messi Hattrick Vs Real Madrid
02:23-02:34 Only player to score and assists in 6 competitions in 1 calender year
02:35-03:08 Messi Solo Goal Vs Getafe
03:09-03:34 Messi 4 Goals Vs Arsenal
03:35-03:59 Phenomenal Dribbling Skills Vs Espanyol
04:00-04:17 Tiki Taka Goal Vs Ac Milan
04:18-05:20 Solo Goal VS Bilbao in the Copa del rey final of 2015
05:21-05:55 Messi's iconic humiliation of Boateng
05:56-06:07 Expect the unexpected
06:08-06:49 Messi's first goal against an english club to win the champions league final
06:50-07:16 Messi's first goal for barcelona
07:17-07:52 Messi's first goal on english soil to win the ucl final of 2011
07:53-08:28 First player to score 5 goals in 1 champions league match
08:29-09:10 Messi Vs Real Zaragoza 2009/10
09:11-09:35 Messi Destroying James Milner
09:36-09:54 Fantasy Football
09:55-10:19 Chip Goal Against Mexico in the semi-final of the copa america in 2007
10:20-10:37 Penalty Pass Vs Celta Vigo
10:38-10:55 First Puskas Nominated freekick against USA in the Semi final of the copa america 2016
10:56-11:21 Messi cutting through the Spain Defense
11:22-11:45 Messi Nutmegging courtois 2 times while scoring his 100th goal in uefa champions league
11:46-12:02 Messi Amazing Solo Goal Against Bilbao in 2012/13
12:03-12:16 Messi Vs Scholes
12:17-13:09 Messi Vs Cannavaro & Roberto Carlos
13:10-13:50 600th Goal: Freekick Vs Liverpool
13:51-14:12 Messi Solo Goal Vs Real Madrid
14:13-14:27 Only player to win 4 ballon d'ors in a row
14:28-14:39 Chip Against Real Betis
14:29-14:43 Barcastudio Outro
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30 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!,
30 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World,
30 Times Messi Surprised the World,
30 Times Messi Surprised the World!,
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30 Times Lionel Messi Shocked the World,
30 Times Messi Shocked the World,
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30 Times Messi Amazed the World,
30 Times Messi Amazed the World!,
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  • como se puede tan siquiera insinuar k cristiano se acerca al nivel de messi🤦‍♂️ dios mio k genio del futbol

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  • Break news🤯🤯🤯 ♦️Messi leave Barcelona ♦️ 😊👇👇👉👉vm.tiktok.com/ZMeuFdWcH/

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  • I watch Messi highlights when I'm in a bad mood.

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  • for me there is no comparison between Maradona and Messi ... guys but think about it that there are different eras in which balls, pitches and tactics change, in Diego's time the defenders broke your legs and they didn't give a damn about what they had in front of them today, however, it is not so. and what do you think of today's balls ... they fly as soon as you touch them and take absurd directions ...

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  • Am Peter from Kenya. Messi made me love football

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  • I just kept wondering if he is human, he is brilliant and perfect with the ball on his feet

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  • Brother, what more can I say but thank you for doing messi justice with this video...simply put, there will never be another, never not on this planet or any other, thank you.

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  • "how do you describe magic?" very famous words from Ray Hudson...we are just a mere witness...of perfection...a perfect football player...a God...ppl wonder what it was like to witness Maradona and Pelé...divine talent doesn't come around that often...everyone wants to know Messi or Ronaldo...Ronaldo is as if mankind created the greatest footballer ever...robotic, consistent, powerful, fast.......but Lionel Messi....Lionel Messi descended from the heavens...there are no words to describe it...

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    • We have been lucky to watch him play

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  • Ronaldo is overrated

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  • one of the most pathetic thing that penaldo fans often do is using the pep guardiola reaction of Messi nutmegging Milner as if it is a reaction to penaldo doing one of his stupid skill.. not many things more pathetic than that.

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  • Viendo este video no me explico cómo hay tanto ciego que dice que CR7 se compare con este genio inigualable llamado MESSI. No hay dudas ni discusiones. MESSI ES EL MEJOR.

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  • He scored against my club at UCL final twice and i still cant hate this guy Legend

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  • Soy fanatico del barcelona y admiro lo que hace messi. Es extraordinario. Ningun jugador tiene lo que messi. Es un megajugador. Un bisonte, un guepardo un einstein del futbol. Lo admiro. Pero por favor no llevemos un jugador a un nivel de endiosarlo. Todo lo que tiene y hace en la cancha, es porque Dios se lo ha dado.

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  • 動画無投稿でチャンネル登録10万人チャレンジ。動画無投稿でチャンネル登録10万人チャレンジ。2 महीने पहले