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As Purvi connects back home and reveals her location, Virendra reaches the location and rescues her. Watch the sneak peek of the upcoming episode.
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Purvi, a Molkki Dulhan finds herself in an arranged marriage to Virender, a widowed man twice her age and still in love with his dead wife. Soon, she discovers that she has been “sold” by her father and is merely a clause for the inheritance of his uncle’s land. Will she stand up and fight for her dignity? Will her marital deal blossom into a loving relationship?
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  • Hasrat Sirf Tumhe Paane Ki, Aur Koi Khwaish Nahi Is Parwane Ki, Gham Ki Aandhi Aisi Chali, Hum Tum Bichhud Gaye, Aansu Bhi Apne Puchhne Lage, Aapke Saathi Kidhar Gaye…

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