Roz Roz (Official) - The Yellow Diary ft. Shilpa Rao | Isha Talwar | Arjun Menon |Romantic Song 2021

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The Yellow Diary and Shilpa Rao’s latest musical collaboration, Roz Roz, will have your heart.
Roz Roz is a beautiful take on how relationships suffer when two people stop communicating with one another amidst the every-day grind called life, but what’s important is that we open our hearts to each other remember the bond underneath. Watch Isha Talwar and Arjun Menon express the changing dynamics of their modern day relationship through picturesque contemporary dance.
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🎧 Audio credits:
Composition: The Yellow Diary
Male Vocals and Lyrics: Rajan Batra
Female Vocals: Shilpa Rao
Music Production, Keys and Backing Vocals: Himonshu Parikh
Guitar: Vaibhav Pani
Drums: Sahil Shah
Bass: Stuart DaCosta
Vocal Recording: Aaroh Velankar
Mix: Abhishek Gautam
Mastered by Shadab Rayeen @ New Edge
Assistant Engineers: Abhishek Sortey & Tapas Sahoo
🎥 Video credits:
Created by Schbang X: Disha Daswani & Mrunal Shah
Directed by Souraj Bhattacharyya
Performed by Isha Talwar & Arjun Menon
Shot by Debashis Remy Dalai

Executive Producer : Sehyr Quadir, Anosh Paghdiwalla
Line Producer - Durgesh Dadhich (OMG Productions)
Production Manager - Lalit Sippy
1st AD : Shaunak Vyas
2nd AD : Abhas Dubey
DA : Rahul Rohra
Choreographer : Bhavna Pani
Assistant Choreographers: Mihir Grover, Sanjana Bamrara
Art Directors: Bhagyashree Pande, Kanishk Verma
Assistant Art Director: Aakash Soni
Costume Stylist : Vidhi Gurnani
Hair & Makeup (for dancers): Humera & Serena
Steadicam Operator : Harry
Slate design: Harshit Karnatak
Offline edit: Vishnu Prasad (Schbang)
Online edit: Darshan Tawde (Famous Studios)
DI Colourist: Andreas Delgado
CG: Jayant Hadke and Manish Yadav (Famous Studios)
Kabhi kabhi laage,
Raha ansuna,
Jo bhi mann mein laage,
Kaha ankaha. X2
Kinaare, kinaare,
Pe reh gayi, naiyya re,
Savaalo, bhare ho,
Ye Saare, nazare.
Roz roz aate ho,
Aankhien you churate ho,
Hai mujhe lage jaise,
Khud ko hi chhupate ho. X2
Aisa kya bhala,
Mann mein khal raha. X2
Jiya jo ye mera,
Dhoonde lamhe saare,
Jahaan tu tha mera,
Wahaan ab dhuaan re.
Pukaare phire hai,
Tujhe dill, mera re,
Savaare Savaare,
Bheegi ye, ankhiaan re.
Roz roz aate ho,
Aankhien yu churate ho,
Hai mujhe lage jaise,
Khud ko hi chhupate ho. X2
Aisa kya bhala,
Mann mein khal raha. X2
Saare jahaan re,
Hue jo, hamaare,
Mile hain, vahi pe,
Jahaan dil mila re.

Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2021
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  • Looks like neene Kannada album.! ನೀನೇ

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    • A peace of advice never let anyone so close that it will break your heart. Because heart has feeling and emotions and if you are too serious and emotional person don't let anyone that close that it will break, no one is forever here, no one

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  • Seems a bit of inspired from Talk About Love Music Video of Zara Larson

  • Remember how this video took place If Munna bhaiya is played the role of man!🥺🥺

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  • Are bhabhi G🙏

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  • This music video is actually a music video. Singers, composition, lyrics, actor everyone is awesome👏

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  • I'm addicted to this song now ! This deserves a lot more

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  • I'm addicted to this song now ! This deserves a lot more

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  • Bhabi je

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