This Leeds United Story is INSANE! (ft @Aravind SA ) | 4-4-Two Episode 33

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A proper episode after ages. Homage to MSD. Some fascinating stories about clubs in administration by Aravind S.A., and a UCL round-up.
Kachra ends at 35:51
The Wigan/Leeds story is at 35:52. A few disconnections along the way, but still super interesting.
Regular programming of United rumours, Chelsea rants, and UCL review at 1:07:51
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Research by Atharva Yeolekar
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  • Atharva OP!🔥

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  • Bhai kya baat hai , dil khush ho gaya matlab

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  • Atletico cowtuk not athletico and llorente has been playing as a second striker since the restart and has scored maby goals basically he was main in form yes people saying do research they are right😂😂

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  • Any surprises today, livestream uefa CL

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  • Great episode. Aravind was a huge plus!

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  • Will listen to SA all day.

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  • Will love the story about Blackburn rovers next episode

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  • Marina always had a lot of power in tranfers and other things, and the middle man did leave and now he is kinda replaced by cech

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  • I love this new thing !!! It's so much informative. Kudos Guys !!!

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  • Just bring SA and keep him on every podcast

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  • Had a really bad day. Couldn't sleep. Opened INworlds and the first thing on my feed was this episode of 442 (sorry i could not tune in on time although i am a regular). Now i am happy and satiated, love listening to you guys. Love Neville, Happy Navroz! Love you Azeem. Love you Kautuk, also please be there in every episode if you can.

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  • Please bring back SA to complete it. We want the Leeds story!!!

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  • Make a monthly podcast with SA

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  • Alan Smith explained

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  • SA is annoying

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  • Thanks SA! Always wanted to learn more about Championship and especially Leeds. Absolute peach episode.

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  • Finally, this is a real football podcast now with correct facts and stories.

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  • 27:43 Thats big man. Really really big. Also I am so glad that Kautuk is here. really love that guy!

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  • Sunderland while never as big as leeds are going trough the same thing now massive debts from premier league dealings, huge player wages, got 2 straight relegations down to league one, owner refused to invest and sold the club, lost the playoffs finals to get promoted to the championship, then they were on course to maybe secure a play off spot this season when covid 19 hit while they were 8th in the table and the league got canceled. And the new owners who helped quite a lot in clearing the financial backlogs initially are looking to sell this club because its model is no longer sustainable. Highly recommend Sunderland til' I die to anyone who is interested in lower league football.

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  • Bring back Arvind SA and more episodes like the football history also. Also can bring fans who follow other Football Leagues to discuss their passion for their football club.

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  • Loved the episode!

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  • Neville in his two min rant about Chelsea managed to make 8 factual errors! Does he even watch football FFS? Completely nullified the effect of SA Arvind... I'm a big fan of 442 and the work you've been doing, but please get someone better to represent and speak for Chelsea than Neville! PLEASE!

    Saurabh ShankarSaurabh Shankar5 महीने पहले
    • Saurabh Shankar Chelsea fan here , what are the factual errors ?

      Tushar DhodyTushar Dhody5 महीने पहले
  • Bayern's starting XI cost less than Coutinho

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  • Loved the podcast

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  • all thanks to Michael edwards

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  • Ram Guha Leeds edition.

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  • Happy nowruz bawa 😇

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  • Hey good episode guys God bless you ... don’t get esse he is a good guy genuinely sweet just that he talks a lot Also he does that because he finally came to Prem after a long time and a lot of effort Also guys don’t change the name 442 is become a brand today and if you change it .. it will be like a new season kit types also heart felt sympathies for Azeem I’m a united fan too and I felt bad seeing the game .... lindeloff should not play when we have bailey 💐 Anyways a too long comment sorry for that have a wonderful day and thank you for another episode

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  • SA op

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  • Why a live stream? Why not do a zoom call and edit it into a tight hour like before. That was a much better format

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    • Also, I will happily join a membership if you promise edited versions of this. I'll give money to listen to less! More SA content is eagerly awaited.

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    • Abhi instamojo karta hai main.

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    • Editor ka paisa kaun dega :(

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    • paisa kaise aaega superchats se in pre recorded eps

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  • Great episode

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  • Atharva OP!!!!

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  • Pl is farmer league

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  • Stream shouldn't be happening the day United will get knocked out

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  • SA needs to come back more often, he is awesome with all of his analytical knowledge it's so fun to see the podcast than just Chelsea vs United rubbish talks always.

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  • @1:30:21 same thought Neville.

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  • I kinda felt the same as SA when I heard about MSD retirement. He might have played in t20 wc if it was held in 2020 but unfortunately they postponed it to 2021.

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  • Loved this episode, pretty to see SA again

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  • As a United and RCB fan just cant stand CSk and Leeds...but gotta admire SA's passion... Fantastic SA bring him often ✌️✌️✌️

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  • Mbappe was 20 yrs old when this started ...he retired by the time the podcast ended .. Jk guys love the podcast ❤

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  • Too early for a timeline 😞

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  • Namasthe! Venkatesh Prasad!

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