Dining Etiquette: how to master the basic table manners

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Hi there,
I am Jamila Musayeva, an international etiquette consultant and an author of the book "Etiquette: the least you need to know."
In this video, I share with you the most essential table manners rules when it comes to formal dinning. This is your go-to video to watch in preparation for a formal dinner.
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  • Why all thiis struggle?! Just use your hands

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  • who cares for these fucking etiquette, just enjoy the meal

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  • It is part of Indian table etiquette to burp at your host several times over the course of a meal.

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  • I wonder how she mops when she drops something on her kitchen floor. Lol.

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  • I'd totally confuse them all at the end and eat with my feet

    Nipun bhushanNipun bhushan6 घंटे पहले
  • I'm all bourgeoise at restaurants

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  • Get off your high horse beech

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  • What brand of sun glasses are you wearing? Thanks

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  • The salad looks sad

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  • Since i don't have any money in my bag , it won't be a problem 😂

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  • Jesus that’s some size of a “kitten” sitting behind her.

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  • Where to put your mask 😷 these days 😊

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  • We've come a long way

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  • How can anyone enjoys foood with al these, sit lyk dis, eat lyk dis🙄🙄🙄 Eat as you want ,with out spilling and wasting

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  • She would be horrified if she ever sees me eating. But really helpful vdo

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  • Can't wait to go eat Biryani like this

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  • Any other idea for bag, Miss?

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  • aint gonna enjoy jacksh*t if I have to be worried about so many things

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  • my kitten is definitely smoshed, I instantly sat straight up as soon she went "dont slouch"

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  • Me, laying down on the bed eating a snack I can't remember the name of in a messy room wondering, WHY DID INworlds RECOMMEND ME THIS!!

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  • I'm obsessed... I mean, I don't do anything she's teaching but it's so interesting that people like this exist in the world.

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  • Funny story... I once went to a fine restaurant to try their $19 glass of wine, and when the pro waiter brought the whole bottle to pour it at the table I panicked and said I didn't want to buy the whole thing and I broke the glass, and LUCKILY not the wine bottle! Their reaction was so dramatic and asked if I needed first aid. A most embarassing memory.

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  • Question, is it wrong that I dab my teeth too at the table after I finish eating at a (not too) fine restaurant? Thanks

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  • I'm here because I'm done eating like a peasant and it's time I evolve...

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  • loving your bag ♥️

    Dianne Delica DivinaDianne Delica Divina14 घंटे पहले
    • Thank you!

      Jamila MusayevaJamila Musayeva12 घंटे पहले
  • There's no need make everything complex.. just enjoy the meal and keep the other person comfy that's it

    Puneet RathiPuneet Rathi14 घंटे पहले
  • I take that dinner napkin and place it to cover my shirt (or suit & tie). Although Ms. Musayeva shows us how not to slop our food onto our shirt, I generally wind up wearing part of my meal and ruining my shirt & tie, unless I wear my napkin like a bib. At the table, I tend to talk about politics and religion, but I try to avoid talking with food in my mouth, and I listen to what others have to say.

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  • Great! Thank You . You are also very beautiful.

    ChandraGupta RoyChandraGupta Roy15 घंटे पहले
    • 🙏🏻

      Jamila MusayevaJamila Musayeva15 घंटे पहले
  • What is the point having manners at dinner, it all ends up in the same hole

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  • really good explanation i got a lot of knowledge thanks

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    • Welcome ☺️

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  • Her watch is the exact that i have😍😍Rolex

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  • I'm gonna use it when I marry the royals. Till then excuse my not elegant manners.

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  • Every single Indian out here going crazy over these manners 😂😂.

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  • This is so helpful! Thank you! Can you also add how we hold the fork/knife or there is no rules of it? I like the idea of sending a thank you note/flower to the host, brilliant! thank you :)

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    • Thank you! Noted ☺️

      Jamila MusayevaJamila Musayeva18 घंटे पहले
  • I think we all need texting etiquettes

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  • If I get to meet her in any way my face will go red of pressure on my mind

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  • Who cares about these fake manners Just be kind and yourself , where u put your bag or your towel is not important

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  • Your mother love u

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  • Plss teach etiquette comments

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  • I came on youtube to find a super study technique,but somehow i ended up here.

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    • @Shariya Shajid of course ☺️

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    • @Jamila Musayeva This is the first time ever in my life any video creater has given me love and reply.Thanks a lot.

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    • You will need this more in life 😉

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  • Great!

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  • I just watched the whole video for her. damn!! she is so gorgeous.

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    • Thank you!

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  • Me watching this while sitting on my dining table

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  • Abt not putting ur bag on d ground, Ur contradicting ur statement, coz in ur other video " Bag etiquette" u suggest to put the bag on d ground under d table.. However i agree with wat u suggest in this video..

    Zainab SadriwalaZainab Sadriwalaदिन पहले
    • @Jamila Musayeva Thanks for d clarification.. Evn I don't prefer keeping bags on d ground for d same reason u spoke abt in dis video.. Also thanks for ur recommendation Jamila, I do use & will use whereva need B.. ☺️ would also i like to say d "Bag etiquette" video was fab & i liked ur Chanel bag d most.. 👍

      Zainab SadriwalaZainab Sadriwalaदिन पहले
    • This is a fine dining restaurant, where it is absolutely unacceptable to do so. As I mentioned in my bag etiquette, in a busy cafe, more casual dinning places, where the seatings are quite crammed, you can place it under your chair. There are no contradictions. Different settings call for different rules. Also, I would recommend to type “what” instead of “wat” , “because” instead of “coz”, “the” instead of “d.” Your writing style tells a lot about you 😉

      Jamila MusayevaJamila Musayevaदिन पहले
  • I really need this. It's actually very helpful. :)

    • Happy to hear that ☺️

      Jamila MusayevaJamila Musayevaदिन पहले
  • As we are muslims, we don’t start eating from the middle of the plate.. we start it from the side.. 🙂 food etiquettes❤️

    yasmin dubeyyasmin dubeyदिन पहले
  • The voice is extremely etiquette than the dining etiquette.

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  • Itna sab kar k kya faida agar pet hi nahi bharega😂

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  • She didn’t say anything about pushing in the chair... and also I don’t understand how Europeans can eat everything with an upside down fork like that.. it looks elegant and I see how putting the knife down and switching hands with the fork is time consuming...but it doesn’t really make sense to use an upside down fork with your less dominant hand for a lot of food items such as mashed potatoes, a salad, rice, beans, pasta(?!) etc. I would like to see them eat everything with an upside fork. I need further explanation about that. I also think it depends what kind of a dessert you’re having to see which utensil will work better. Good video though.

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  • b for bread and d for drinks I think is easier to remember 😇 than d for glasses

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  • This is soo good, can u make a video on how you apply makeup?

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  • Thankyou so much for this video ❤️ This will be helpful for sure 🙏

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    • Very welcome☺️

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  • When she eat that yummy sweet at the last my mouth was ocean

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  • Very lovely, thanks for the lesson.🙋🇺🇸🍽️

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    • You are very welcome ☺️

      Jamila MusayevaJamila Musayevaदिन पहले
  • While I think this video is a helpful tutorial in itself, it should be clearly addressed that it pertains predominantly to the Western culture. The way in which this is verbally communicated perpetuates the notion that these are ideal standards, when in reality different nations practice different manners:) But lovely video non the less! Just a small tip

    Kseniya vKseniya v2 दिन पहले
    • Each culture has its own dinning table etiquette but when all of them gather together for say a G-20 formal dinner then this is the dinning etiquette everyone follows regardless of their cultural backgrounds.

      Jamila MusayevaJamila Musayevaदिन पहले
  • That’s such a sad salad 😭

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  • Hi from Azerbaijan

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  • where is your watch from? I love it!!

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  • Yesterday was ma birthday and I was totally opposite

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  • gosh this is so painful yet hilarious to watch 😅 why the hell do people these days still follow those weird rules? like how to eat a tomato sallad properly: wtf?! just let people eat the way they want. it's non of your business. fuck it's 2020, wake up

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  • 👌👌👌👌

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  • This is headache. I just enjoy my food. Thank u Lord for the food.

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  • All the people making fun of these etiquette, pray to god you don't end up in corporate dinners with high profile people. Knowing these rules becomes an extended part of your personality and it may have an impact on your careers 🙏🙏🙏

    Arpita singhArpita singh2 दिन पहले
    • Thanks for saying this out loud! 🙏🏻

      Jamila MusayevaJamila Musayeva2 दिन पहले
  • That second course looks AMAZING. I don't care about anything else.

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  • I'm waiting for a rich evil mother-in-law I have to impress to win her son's hand in marriage.

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  • My kitten on the seat got squeezed to death

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  • The Japanese have it all differently 🥂

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  • As long as you have millions of dollars$ in your bank you don't really need these table manners...😂😂🤣

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  • You look beautiful when your hairs cover little bit of your forehad and by the way you have a very attracting body language

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  • Question : how do they return the credit card that we place at the booklet with the bill?? I have never been to posh restaurants , i don't even go to restaurants to begin with.

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  • When it comes to Food, I use my; Hands to Pick it up, Tongue to Taste it, Teeth to Chew it, Mouth to Swallow it, Stomach to Digest it... So many things to do already, why do you think I will use Manners on top of all of this? All of this is part of my Body but manners are not. I Believe you must be someone who uses Manners rather than using your body parts to eat and hence you look like this, like a Lollypop on a Stick : )

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  • Thankyou!

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    • Welcome!

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  • watch all videos of her, and become a princess.

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    • @Jamila Musayeva 😳

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    • ☺️☺️

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  • No fish knife?

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    • I did not have any fish meal 😉

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  • The fact is that you have to be rich for these etiquettes.

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  • Which restaurant provides a bag holder..?? And about the clutch, I give it to my friend to keep it into her big bag for the time being. Its much more comfortable than having complete dinner doing balancing act with your clutch on lap 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Great content for when I meet sugar daddys

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    • Sag olun 🙏🏻

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  • "Consultant" is the most B.S. term ever.

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  • Eating with hands is best

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  • Im so happy people are seeing this because some people eat like wild animals

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  • Totally agree with "napkin on the chair", not the American 'on the table' unsightly-ness... no one wants or needs to see a dirty/used napkin while the diner is temporarily away...! & please, fork tines down, always! Thank you! Finally, the "American" way of cutting & switching is in fact, the old FRENCH way, but it's rather cumbersome, so I'm all for the more smooth & quiet continental method. Also hands visible, please; The American way looks like a stump body without arms!

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  • Imma practice it while eating cheap street food

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