Nia Sharma Receives Gifts From Her Fans | Birthday Special

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The very gorgeous Nia Sharma recently had her birthday, and so a ton of her fans. We hope that your token of love and appreciation has reached Nia, keep sending your love and we promise to deliver it to your favorite stars.
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  • i am also your fan

    nancy manurajnancy manurajदिन पहले
  • i have to see one time Nagin 4 I am studying in 5 th standerd from kerala

    nancy manurajnancy manurajदिन पहले
  • She will keep all

    Tabassum ShariffTabassum Shariff3 दिन पहले
  • Happy birthday🎂🎉🎁

    Ashish ShuklaAshish Shukla4 दिन पहले
  • Super gifts 😍😍 🎁

    rambabu kamavarapurambabu kamavarapu4 दिन पहले
  • Does she know hindi?

    Pooja MundraPooja Mundra4 दिन पहले
  • Mere ko bi koi appu chahiye re baba !!!!!! 🤣

    rohit thakurrohit thakur4 दिन पहले
  • I don't like nia!

    vandna singhvandna singh5 दिन पहले
  • I like you so much Chechi

    prakash sprakash s5 दिन पहले
  • Ohh god who else think that she has a really big segment of gifts compared to other actresses

    jasmine chauhanjasmine chauhan6 दिन पहले
  • Kis kis k pass haram ka h jo inlogo ko itne gift bhj rahai h na jaan phchaan

    Sa KhanamSa Khanam7 दिन पहले
  • Omg she is not even reading names

    Rumana NaffeRumana Naffe7 दिन पहले
  • Kollom

    Rosemarykm SumiRosemarykm Sumi8 दिन पहले
  • After seeing this I was like kitna faikti hai ye 😏😑🥺

    It's DivyaIt's Divya9 दिन पहले
  • 10:30 dress ko patak diya sidhe😂

    It's DivyaIt's Divya9 दिन पहले
  • 😍

    Chithra SajiChithra Saji9 दिन पहले
  • I like candle👍

    sakura Disney channelsakura Disney channel10 दिन पहले
  • Happy birhtday to nia sharma di may god bless you and happy long life to you

    Max BtyMax Bty10 दिन पहले
  • Nia your super in nagini love you 😍😍

    Sindhu MvrSindhu Mvr11 दिन पहले
  • Tu itni bkwass lgti h ki Puch mtt

    Apache RtrApache Rtr11 दिन पहले
  • Appu ny to dukan hi lali🤣🤣🤣

    Altaf Haider22Altaf Haider2213 दिन पहले
  • Aise gifts k packet khol rhi h jaise ehsaan krri h!!!!rude..

    Shifa KhanShifa Khan13 दिन पहले
  • this is your INworlds channel

    Davis KcDavis Kc15 दिन पहले
  • Did you know speak malayalam

    Davis KcDavis Kc15 दिन पहले
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    Lena RamiLena Rami15 दिन पहले
  • Love you dear Nia dhidhi

    Sindhu Sindhu binoySindhu Sindhu binoy15 दिन पहले
  • Yaar khud to branded gifts milte nhi inko dena to bhot durr ki baat hai 🤣🤣

    Krishna AnejaKrishna Aneja16 दिन पहले
  • She is happy about all the imported gifts and not happy from normal gifts 😑😑😑😑

    Navleen KaurNavleen Kaur17 दिन पहले
  • മലയാളികൾ ആരും ille

    Rehan Reha Rehan RehaRehan Reha Rehan Reha18 दिन पहले
  • Suppr

  • Appu will be like plz don't call me bro😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Geethika 259Geethika 25920 दिन पहले
  • I really need nia in my life

    jasmin popjasmin pop20 दिन पहले
  • Learn from hina khan to open gift

    Have fun with Kritika & AgrataHave fun with Kritika & Agrata20 दिन पहले
  • Means meeting

    santosh punumajjisantosh punumajji21 दिन पहले
  • How did those all

    santosh punumajjisantosh punumajji21 दिन पहले
    • Means meet

      santosh punumajjisantosh punumajji21 दिन पहले
  • To the people who doesn't like nia its because she fellow western culture even tho she's Indian that's why sometime you guys get irritated of what she wear or does and i even prefer nia to work on Hollywood because her type is like American and you guys know western culture they are very open people so nia is that type of lady and me also i follow western culture but with limits i think she is like that type as me but she more open mind than me so let's it be the way she is

    Aisha TariqAisha Tariq21 दिन पहले
  • Kon h ye appu

    Suhani LakraSuhani Lakra21 दिन पहले
  • She only love branded products , and doesn't care about the sender

    frozen endlessfrozen endless23 दिन पहले
  • Iam a big fan of vrnda in naga kanyaka

    Souda SoudaSouda Souda24 दिन पहले
  • Appu kahaho tum

    Fatuma AbdullahiFatuma Abdullahi24 दिन पहले
  • Maagini

    Bindu SanuBindu Sanu25 दिन पहले
  • Ye gift Dekh rhi h aur Ham isse Dekh rhe h 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vijay YadavVijay Yadav27 दिन पहले
  • Yar e gift khol kese rhi he matlb jin logo k pyar se peck kiya Hoga unki to faddd ke rakhdi pecking 😛

    Bijal ParmarBijal Parmar28 दिन पहले
  • Me and my cute brother very very fans of nia sharma chechi and happy birthday to you

    sreejith nvsreejith nv29 दिन पहले
  • Please give me adrres

    Bijoy BhaskaranBijoy Bhaskaran29 दिन पहले
  • I need friends like this

    Maanvi S Mehta CSA CBEMaanvi S Mehta CSA CBEमहीने पहले
  • i know she will not use this birthday stuffs !! don't mind

    Subir SenSubir Senमहीने पहले
  • She is not a good human by heart.. The way She is unwrapping the gifts, shows how boaster she is.. She is giving attention only the costly gifts and her attention is totally fake to the gifts which are not expensive.. She is really not gonna use those thing.. I don't know why everyone wasted their money for her? They could give it to the poor persons who wants to buy those but actually can't buy..

    Mouma_ OfficialMouma_ Officialमहीने पहले
  • Di that slipper is frome sorry for it but that's only for house

    Nishkriti gamingNishkriti gamingमहीने पहले
  • I also need appu 🤣🤣

    Nishkriti gamingNishkriti gamingमहीने पहले
  • Where are you home Nia Sharma

    Muhammed faiz Muhammed faizMuhammed faiz Muhammed faizमहीने पहले
  • I hope I could get you a 🎁

    ibrahim osamaibrahim osamaमहीने पहले
  • You have so many things ☺️ and you are my favourite 💕

    Rehana HossainRehana Hossainमहीने पहले
  • The way she unwraps the gifts...Ewww😭😭. Also she seems really obsessed with only branded products. That's so sad to see

    Mishti BanerjeeMishti Banerjeeमहीने पहले
  • Are yaar aise gifts mujhe milte na I would have lock my door spread all gifts on bed an open them dude it's so fun in opening gifts specialy birthday one are so exciting

    Krishna AnejaKrishna Anejaमहीने पहले
  • Where is appu who is appu bring him or her here I will beat his or her 🤬🤬

    Krishna AnejaKrishna Anejaमहीने पहले
  • Angel saxena ko me kuch bolna cahti hu ki agar aap inhe nahi jante is ka mtlb ye nahi ke inhe koi nahi janta mujhe lagta he ki aap ko Jalan ho rahi he isliye agar aap inhe nahi janti to video mat dekho

    N k youtube channelN k youtube channelमहीने पहले
  • Love u nia

    Zeenath SeenaZeenath Seenaमहीने पहले
  • Kbhi gift me per ka kuch bhi nhi dena chaiye khas kr hills aise chije

  • I wish I could be a star like that but I am not jealous best wishes to you nia

    Noor fatima ZeeshanNoor fatima Zeeshanमहीने पहले
  • I really want this kind of gift

    Vishnujit ChoudharyVishnujit Choudharyमहीने पहले
  • 😍

    Rafeen khanRafeen khanमहीने पहले
  • My favorite TV actress

    pooja Sharmapooja Sharmaमहीने पहले
  • Feed the poor! 😊 Help people who are already doing that! Contribute to the underprivileged society. Gift something to your family, friends, parents

    Prapti VermaPrapti Vermaमहीने पहले
  • Who is Virginia so m any gifts

    Samiksha SalunkheSamiksha Salunkheमहीने पहले
  • Because of this video I subscribed your channel and like your video........ ..

  • OMG

    RJ Ravindra SinghRJ Ravindra Singhमहीने पहले
  • Itne saare 1-2 mujhe bhi dedena ji

    Anshika RajAnshika Rajमहीने पहले
  • Bewkufo inhe itna expencive gift kyo dete ho

    Kavita PandeyKavita Pandeyमहीने पहले
  • How cute she is 😍 her voice 😍

    Iman MustafaIman Mustafaमहीने पहले
  • 🤣🤣😂😅😂😅😂😁😜😜🤡🤡🤡🥰🥰🥰🙉🙉✌✌🤠🤠💯💯👏👏

  • Jab mac or brands ko dekhti ha tou khush hoti bake wasay hi bas khol rahi baad ma phenk degi

    information ki dunyainformation ki dunyaमहीने पहले
  • Naagin for cute coupless DEV BRINDAA

    Aachi AchAachi Achमहीने पहले
  • The candle with glitter at 7:16 🤪

    jtoto rituwnjtoto rituwnमहीने पहले
  • she was not stopping saying dude,man ,awesome,bro ,

    vani jainvani jainमहीने पहले
  • In 14:10 she looked like child

    Aliah ShavezAliah Shavezमहीने पहले
  • In 13:13 shevgotad

    Aliah ShavezAliah Shavezमहीने पहले
  • Mai ase kab kantaalungi gifft kholte kholte🙄🙄🙄

    Archana MadaneArchana Madaneमहीने पहले
  • She s very fast in her every work... THAT'S Y I Like her ♥️

    Tabu MorangTabu Morangमहीने पहले
  • Chutiya lagti hai ek number ki...

    Akansha DanielAkansha Danielमहीने पहले
  • After watching this video, Nia's fans will shift to Appu's fans 😆😆

    Surabhi PriyaSurabhi Priyaमहीने पहले
  • I really don't like nia Sharma

  • Appu chahiye 😂😂

    Fluffy BallFluffy Ballमहीने पहले
  • Itna gift to me apni whole birthday me bhi nahi mila🤣🤣

    Saramatun bente shadatSaramatun bente shadatमहीने पहले
  • Irritated with way she unwrap the gifts

    Aadya Tiwari sxsAadya Tiwari sxsमहीने पहले
  • She is so Lucky... 😚

    Madeeha ZargarMadeeha Zargarमहीने पहले
  • I Love nea in Khatron Ke Khiladi

    alka singhalka singhमहीने पहले
  • EFFORTS NAAM KI CHEEZ HOTI HAI. You can earn money but having genuine appreciation is what will people get attracted to. Mac se thoda dil ka bhi makeup karlena.

    Yashna BhardwajYashna Bhardwajमहीने पहले
  • Shez totally a fake personality..very rash unpacking and for small gifts no feelings..shez a negative attitude lady

    Puneet RahejaPuneet Raheja2 महीने पहले
  • Love you beautiful Nia 😍

    arnav sharmaarnav sharma2 महीने पहले
  • أحبك نيا 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

    رهف حيدررهف حيدر2 महीने पहले
  • B8g fan of u

    Samaira shishgarSamaira shishgar2 महीने पहले
  • Agar dekha jaye to jo nia thanku bol Rahi vo lag nahi Raha hai kyuki vo itni jaldi jaldi gift khol Rahi jaise train choot jaayegi

    Satyanarayan OraonSatyanarayan Oraon2 महीने पहले
  • Appu is in love with her yarr itnaa acha giftt appu but mee gucciiii

    Fatima AhmadFatima Ahmad2 महीने पहले
  • Appu teri wife ko batao gi 🤣🤣

    Fatima AhmadFatima Ahmad2 महीने पहले
  • actually this year i dont see appu gift🤣🤣why appu

    Nepali xoriNepali xori2 महीने पहले
  • I want appu in my life,😂😂😂

    n chhabran chhabra2 महीने पहले
  • You are so lucky

    vlogs with harleenvlogs with harleen2 महीने पहले
  • I came here to dislike the video.

    Neetu kumariNeetu kumari2 महीने पहले
    • Gud

      Manaswee SharmaManaswee Sharma2 महीने पहले
  • At last APPU chutiya hai....😂😂

    Poonam YPoonam Y2 महीने पहले