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Hello guys, Here is the Holi Shoot Vlog, Behind the scenes video at Ramoji Film City. It was a terrified day but it all went well. Please do watch out the complete video on How we Did the Holi Event This Year.
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    • Super sreemukhi akka

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    • @Sean Braylen I will try it out now. Seems good so far :)

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    • Super శ్రీముఖి గారు❤️

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    • Super శ్రీముఖి గారు ❤️

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  • Sreemukhi Garu! Avinash New Bestie is Lier and Big Drama Queen. She is Play the Game with Avinash Personal Life. Avinash already Trolled By Physco Batch. She is Always Blushed to other person. Still Now She will got Married to NRI in This Year.

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  • U r so funny🤣🤣🤣 7:55 🤣

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  • You are very naughty Girl.... Nijam ga meeru chaala kastapadtharu papam shoots lo nidraleka mammalni entertain cheyadaniki meerantha chaala kastapadtharu. Very good and God bless you all. Keep entertaining us like this and Love❤ you Sreemukhi

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    • Hello Manvith, na vlogs okasari chudandi! I guess miku nachutay :)

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  • 🌺 💁‍♂️ Really liked this concepts 📑 of recreating your own Life Experiences🤩. Would you like too see more👆, Much Love 😘 ~ Sreemukhi ~ 🌺

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  • నేను నిన్ను కొడితే ఎక్కడ పడతావో నాకె తెలియదు, దుబ్బ దాన

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    • Hello Samantha, na vlogs okasari chudandi! I guess miku nachutay :)

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  • Happy holi Sreemukhi garu and all viewers.. Have a coloful life

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