The Anupam Kher Show | Sonu Nigam Wanted To Be A Scientist

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Sonu Nigam explains how his father protected him before admitting he wanted to be a scientist when he was a kid. When Anupam Kher enquires about his inspiration for singing, Sonu Nigam says Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar are his musical gurus.
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A fantastic anchor, a whole bevy of much sought-after celebrities, some cheeky confessions, some heart-warming stories of struggle and a whole lot of fun! The Anupam Kher Show is your go-to talk show for all the hidden chapters of your favorite, celebrities & lives.
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  • Sonu Nigam ke jaisa Koy jiyega to vo burai ke rsate kabhi nahi jayega insan.. vo singer to he pr sathe me insan sahi jineka tarika bhi batata he .. very true men ..Sonu Nigam ...

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  • God of Cricket: Sachin Tendulkar God of Music: Sonu Nigam

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  • Singing ka to fan hoo hi but uske alwa aapje thoughts aapki baate aatma tript kr deti hai😌😇🙏♥️

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  • Sonu Nigam is the greatest singer of this continent or this world right now

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