The Internet Said So | EP 53 | Travel

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TISS is a weekly podcast where Aadar, Neville, Kautuk and Varun discuss random, fun, stupid, pointless, weird, shocking "facts" they find on the internet. So come learn with them...or something like that. Join the boys LIVE for the 53rd episode of The Internet Said So tonight where the boys talk about their travel stories!
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Producer - Rupika Khere
Artwork - Siddhi Surte
Special Thanks - Namit Nath!

  • Here’s the link to the TISS sub reddit. Some hilarious stuff on it. Cheggit!

    Varun ThakurVarun Thakur6 महीने पहले
  • 36:44 - Aadar- so we went from Chennai to Madras.. Bawa being absolute Bawa- So you went back in time😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    LittleFunThings xoxoLittleFunThings xoxo8 दिन पहले
  • very unprofessional

    Suhab Aktar BarbhuiyaSuhab Aktar Barbhuiya12 दिन पहले
  • 1:11:28 - For a moment I thought neville was pulling off a camera trick ! 😂😂

    thiruvettithiruvetti24 दिन पहले
  • 31:30 - Going to a place and taking a walking tour is the best way to know a place. Like Aadar said Whats the use going to a place and getting locked up in a club. Thats a complete waste of all the travel money.

    thiruvettithiruvetti24 दिन पहले
  • Cold cuts are not to be touched at any time :)

    Shilpa RatwaniShilpa Ratwani27 दिन पहले
  • I have a 12 year old friend called fatu kumar 😅

    LagLagमहीने पहले
  • You are awesome 😎

    GoswamiAmrutaGoswamiAmrutaमहीने पहले
  • You are awesome 😎

    GoswamiAmrutaGoswamiAmrutaमहीने पहले
  • Guys I was watching your old videos. MSG wala. Jispe sab sanitizer wala record beat karne ke bare mein baat kar rahe the.. woh avi kar sakte hai... 😀🤣🤘

    undefined jickoundefined jickoमहीने पहले
  • Sorry kautuk but your wife's real ugly man 😂

    Nalin SinghNalin Singhमहीने पहले
  • i wanna be abile to do the same

    François Le ClertenFrançois Le Clerten2 महीने पहले
  • Kautuk wears only black T Shirt everyday...

    Swapnil SoniSwapnil Soni2 महीने पहले
  • 1:13:51

    Vanita MaskarVanita Maskar2 महीने पहले
  • Great

    Faltu BachaFaltu Bacha2 महीने पहले
  • Japan is one of the most unique travel experiences you will ever have. I'd recommend it to all of you. Travelled to 5 cities in it...feel free to DM me for details. I'll give you a rather non touristy more experiential itinerary...

    Misha DhordaMisha Dhorda3 महीने पहले
  • Aadar ko aadar se pukaro 😂🤣

    MxDMxD3 महीने पहले
  • huh?

    carol diazcarol diaz3 महीने पहले
  • huh?

    leon sunleon sun3 महीने पहले
  • Neville talks alot

    Garima SahiGarima Sahi4 महीने पहले
  • Please talk about CAA

    Sarang KulkarniSarang Kulkarni4 महीने पहले
  • Best podcast anyday

    Shreyas AndiShreyas Andi4 महीने पहले
  • how F**kALL the sound is from Varun, he won't stop using the "popular" earphone/mic!!! (Story of all Apple Fans)

    Prem PunjabiPrem Punjabi5 महीने पहले
  • Tu humare ghar pe aake Football Gully football 😂

    vedant pokalevedant pokale5 महीने पहले
  • I don't know why but I really want Neville to date a chef! It will be a fun dynamic!

    Swamini ShelarSwamini Shelar5 महीने पहले
  • 1:05:00 who is she, where did she came from, I have never heard her before, what a surprise element to this podcast and also she sounds like Female Jarvis.

    Kritik JambusariyaKritik Jambusariya5 महीने पहले
  • 1:41:38

    Kunal ShettyKunal Shetty5 महीने पहले
  • "Banaras, Varanasi and then go to Rishikesh" - Aadar. Well, Banaras is now known as Varanasi. Therefore, Banaras = Varanasi.

    Amrit SinghAmrit Singh5 महीने पहले
  • Kautuk Auli is in Uttarakhand and not HP !

    Srishti KukretiSrishti Kukreti5 महीने पहले
  • I think asia has 'good' hospitality because we have easiliy exploitable population because of the higher number...

    Parthasarathi PandaParthasarathi Panda5 महीने पहले
  • @varunthakur all u guys best except Neville he is damn annoying. He is not a good listener. He was constantly interrupting u giys. How u guys can tolerate.😂

    mayank sharmamayank sharma5 महीने पहले
  • Iam the one who was born in 2000!😂..cheers

    Pranav KulkarniPranav Kulkarni5 महीने पहले
  • Neville eating chips is very distracting.

    RoopamRoopam5 महीने पहले
  • Check out Kautuk's attire in Nano Drive with MTV 2 😂😂.

    Aman DuaAman Dua5 महीने पहले
  • YESSS I feel seen by Neville XD Yes I was born in 2000 and I'm 20 now. yup. i know righhht. whuuuu

    Div RodricksDiv Rodricks5 महीने पहले
  • Mataji ko namaste. 🙏

    You Offended Bro?You Offended Bro?5 महीने पहले
  • Bhai bawa kitna pakata h.... "Milk waala story kyu hi bataya samjha nahi"...Issko alag se mute kaise kaare??? Rest of all you guys are damn good. Bawa ko chup rakh ke extra time Bihari babu koo bolne do...

    Abhijeet PattnayakAbhijeet Pattnayak5 महीने पहले
  • neville ko bol itna amir na bane

    Akhilesh SureshAkhilesh Suresh5 महीने पहले
  • Do one episode where you go through the subreddit ir atleast check it out wvery two episodes

    Idris GhiaIdris Ghia5 महीने पहले
  • Hi! we just stumbled over your amazing channel and love your video clips. 👍 We are traveling a lot, maybe you'd also want to take a look at our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo as well 🌴 So lets motivate one another. Enjoy your day, and also keep up the very good work! 😊

    Querencia.tvQuerencia.tv5 महीने पहले
  • It's pain to watch it as a podcast now..what's with the superchats

    Ashlesh KamdiAshlesh Kamdi5 महीने पहले
  • I really enjoyed your video.👌🏼 ⭐️ Greetings from Albania. 👋🏼🇦🇱 Also, Let’s build each other Up. 🤝

    M Travel VlogM Travel Vlog5 महीने पहले
  • i wanna be abile to do the same

    jacob bancockjacob bancock5 महीने पहले
  • You guys help me to deal with my loneliness

    Abhilekh HazarikaAbhilekh Hazarika5 महीने पहले
  • 20 year olds OP

    Vijaykumar WaliVijaykumar Wali5 महीने पहले
  • is neville a director

    Akhilesh SureshAkhilesh Suresh5 महीने पहले
  • Ending 5 minutes>>>>>>

    Rishita JoshiRishita Joshi5 महीने पहले
  • Hey do a podcast on the Paradoxes mostly the time paradox

    Pratik PeriwalPratik Periwal5 महीने पहले
  • Aadar is like that naughty kid who just disturbs the class with different backgrounds 🤣

    Tia _____Tia _____5 महीने पहले
  • Bawa moving out and Karan walking in was so perfectly synchronised

    Tharun JayaprasadTharun Jayaprasad5 महीने पहले
    • But in reality, bawa replaced Karan. If you know you know

      Sandeep SinghSandeep Singh5 महीने पहले

    Tintin The ReporterTintin The Reporter5 महीने पहले
  • Listening to you guys read super chats is mind numbingly boring.

    Ana BananaAna Banana6 महीने पहले
  • Hi..this was hilarious.. request you to kindly do an episode on SCI Fi genre of movies and especially comparing Hollywood and Bollywood

    Pooja ChakrabartiPooja Chakrabarti6 महीने पहले
  • Brand marketing podcast guy, pls leave a link here

    swapnil vaghaniswapnil vaghani6 महीने पहले
  • Start making tiss subreddit review

    rajat guptarajat gupta6 महीने पहले
  • 15:20 I can correlate with Bawa about this. The day I got tested for Covid, I was like bhai ho jaye, I am mentally prepared and I got Covid positive result. Rn, I am in home isolation, it's been 6 days since I tested positive. Few bits here and there, but I am comfortable. Hopefully I will come out of it all covid free *touchwood*

    N MN M6 महीने पहले
    • @Ameyaa Chivukula Thank you. Yeah man, it was like a normal cold. If you can get hold of ur mind, then its easy peasy. God's grace!

      N MN M5 महीने पहले
    • Hope u got well soon 🙂

      Ameyaa ChivukulaAmeyaa Chivukula5 महीने पहले
  • Bawa pls visit saint Petersburg, russia

    Omi KOmi K6 महीने पहले
  • My tooth hurts

    Chandraprabha SolankiChandraprabha Solanki6 महीने पहले
  • come to Arunachal Pradesh TISS ❤️

    Nayaz HussainNayaz Hussain6 महीने पहले
  • 37:03 - Bawa OP

    Ajay ReddyAjay Reddy6 महीने पहले
  • 30:48 - Varun and Aadar trolling Bawa. Well done guys. Bawa admit that your ass got owned!

    Ajay ReddyAjay Reddy6 महीने पहले
  • 28:10 It’s called Funazushi

    Saikat BanerjeeSaikat Banerjee6 महीने पहले
  • Last 5 minutes were awesome 😂😂😂

    Suhel NadafSuhel Nadaf6 महीने पहले
  • Auli is not in Himachal, it's in Uttarakhand

    Digvijay SinghDigvijay Singh6 महीने पहले
  • Went on a 10 day camping trip and on the driving days when we had to cover 700km in complete australian outback with zero network coverage and just red sand all around us, your downloaded videos helped me a lot ♥️

    shilpa kapoorshilpa kapoor6 महीने पहले
  • Hey Kautuk! If you and Siddhi ever come to Banaras, would love to show you around.

    Ishita DasguptaIshita Dasgupta6 महीने पहले
  • Kowtuk: Auli is in Uttarakhand not in HP

    vibha dattatrivibha dattatri6 महीने पहले
  • #justiceforkautuk

    11E 19 Vrinda Dubey11E 19 Vrinda Dubey6 महीने पहले
  • Guys! Poland mein Pohe mil jayega! I stay in Krakow and would love to host you guys! Kabhi bhai aao! Message karo!

    KaustubhVlogsKaustubhVlogs6 महीने पहले
  • Tum log kitna mast khat raho logo ka 2nd episode bolke government ,news ke badh tum log hi ho Congrats to getting in top 3😂 atleast

    Derek D'MelloDerek D'Mello6 महीने पहले
  • Did ull not knw ull were on stream in the last five mins ?😂😂

    Shalini TorcatoShalini Torcato6 महीने पहले
  • Started watching west wing.. At season 2...i understand now why neville loves the show so much ... Every episode is a lesson in itself.. Thanks bawa 👍🏼

    Sudhanshu SinghSudhanshu Singh6 महीने पहले
  • 9:10 "mere saath bhaat karo"? seriously? xD

    sproutsprout6 महीने पहले
  • Cow tuk tuk

    nikhil kumarnikhil kumar6 महीने पहले
  • Great episode! You guys can do an episode on the “worlds worst tragedies”. I terms of disasters and not Shakespeare :p

    Dikshita GoelDikshita Goel6 महीने पहले
    • 😹😹😹

      Amateur de citronAmateur de citron5 महीने पहले
  • 4:33

    Nikhil ThokalNikhil Thokal6 महीने पहले
  • 4:33

    Nikhil ThokalNikhil Thokal6 महीने पहले
  • Do a review episode of your sub reddit page!

    Sharva VaidyaSharva Vaidya6 महीने पहले
  • i just love the end

    Jyoshna MythiliJyoshna Mythili6 महीने पहले
  • A podcast on Tarantino pls I know Varun is a big fan

    ameyamey6 महीने पहले
  • you guys are doing awesome work. Thanks

    deepak vajapeyajuladeepak vajapeyajula6 महीने पहले
  • When will the four of you take a trip together?

    Roy CRoy C6 महीने पहले
  • Varun: The Kheer Ganga story on a previous podcast on Travel was so amazingly narrated that I visited Kheer Ganga when I went to India two years ago.

    Arpita JoshiArpita Joshi6 महीने पहले
    • Can you post the link to that story, please? Thanks!

      desigheedesighee6 महीने पहले
  • Bhai, ADEN wala story literally 4th time bolray, gap bas aata!

    Siddhartha MujumdarSiddhartha Mujumdar6 महीने पहले
  • my friends names are dareppa chennamma,we have old names like mine

    Manjunatha PrabhuManjunatha Prabhu6 महीने पहले
  • Kautuk fan boying over diving reminds me of Katrina fangirling diving in ZNMD. 😅

    smriti kannansmriti kannan6 महीने पहले
  • The amount of times Kautuk and Aadar speak about Russia 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

    Vedangi MoreVedangi More6 महीने पहले
  • You guys deserve 10x times the current subscribers (250k => 2.5M) Sad reality is that cringeworthy channels have 20M subs and quality content gets way less😓

    Archit MArchit M6 महीने पहले
  • *CONSPIRACY THEORY* Bawa and Thakur's Brother are the same Person Check out 1:11:22 Bawa leaves and karan appears then Karan leaves and Bawa Reappears

    Ravi RaoRavi Rao6 महीने पहले
    • @Bhoopesh Bhola dude don't spoil the joke.

      Shiv SoniShiv Soni3 महीने पहले
    • India TV kyun nahi join kar lete aap,aise naujawaan yuvkon ki hi jaroorat hai wahan,sach se bahut door

      Bhoopesh BholaBhoopesh Bhola5 महीने पहले
  • Congrats Cowtuk!! Good seeing you in the mornings giving financial advice on Republic!!

    Devak KamathDevak Kamath6 महीने पहले
  • Please please do a podcast on books

    veryberry555veryberry5556 महीने पहले
  • staying in hostels is amazing and it has nothing to do with money . you meet like minded people and its so much more chill

    Jaideep chughJaideep chugh6 महीने पहले
  • Post unscripted script script OP

    noobmaster69noobmaster696 महीने पहले
  • "Guys Messi ko khareedneka hai kya" 🤣🤣🤣

    Aaron FernandesAaron Fernandes6 महीने पहले
  • 2hrs is way too much, i enjoyed it when it was like 30 mins, then you bumped it up to 40-50 mins, but 2hrs... came here just to tell you that your hunger for watch time might not go down well with many people like me. Didn't watch the video, but thought of sharing the feedback since you guys are the best. 👍🏼

    Ajay AcharyaAjay Acharya6 महीने पहले
    • Can't get enough tho, sometimes I want it to be longer lol

      Tanvi KusumTanvi Kusum2 महीने पहले
  • Lol I am on Reddit now for TISS

    einsteinium 99einsteinium 996 महीने पहले
  • Cowchut, Auli is not in Himachal.

    john restrepojohn restrepo6 महीने पहले
  • Hey Guys, I missed the live podcast yesterday ,watched it today and some stories are amazing. You guys are keeping people sane in these crazy times. Lots of love and best wishes from UK as Varun and Neville have mentioned you wanted to visit. its fairly safe now but you may have to quarantine once you are here and when you go back . take care and stay safe guys

    Sneh KhanolkarSneh Khanolkar6 महीने पहले
  • Petition to make all episodes live!!

    Dimple MakwanaDimple Makwana6 महीने पहले
  • Here to day Hi 👋 to Chand Aunty ☺️

    Dipyaman GhoshDipyaman Ghosh6 महीने पहले