I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER

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Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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    • Sei un grande

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    • god 504

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    • Stay funky bro

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    • You’re the man Davie! Keep up the great content, seriously we all love your videos!

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    • yeah

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  • Felt deeply connected....

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  • You fucking rule, I love everything about this

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  • Well done, chap...

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  • You made a Bass talent from your hard work. That's the reason why you can be proud.

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  • This is our turn to be the therapist in Davies therapy time

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  • I wasn't even planning to see this, but I saw the caption and got excited and wanted to watch it❤🔥

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  • ❤️

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  • Whoever you are in there... we love you. Thanks for sticking with it.

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  • imagine not slapping everyone on the street

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  • I just found this in recommendations and my night felt a better in a way😀

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  • Subbed. 🙌

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  • This made me sad asf :( I hope you're doing better now saludos from Mexico

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  • nice

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  • You have all my respect! F*&k, the haters, mostly just jealous bored trolls on cheap drugs

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  • I found u on ph

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  • 0:35 thoughts or thots... either or I will accept your generosity 😜

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  • Pee pee reveal for 10m subs!

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  • 1. Quantitative analysis: - What if you try to understand patterns of what kind of video worked? - Patters of the audience - Make pools 2. Qualitative analysis - Skype 10 viewers - Brainstorm with other youtubers 3. Random ideas: - Join a band - Use more instagram - Interview famous bass players - Create a bass (literally) - Start giving lessons - Create a bass course

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  • Please check my video if u don't like u guys can dislike

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  • bro you are a great person, keep it up man, for me you are one of the biggest stars on INworlds 💜

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  • You rock Davie504!

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  • This is so wholesome

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  • if a video fails when you have 9 million subscribers it could easily be INworlds's fault

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  • I know you'll probably never see this but just watching your videos inspired me to pick up a bass guitar. Also just watching you really pulled me out of a stagnant part of my 2020. You are one of my serotonin suppliers

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  • Jesus, YOU get a lot of hate? I honestly can't think of a single reason someone would hate on you for. Are they all guitar players? o_0

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  • here since 3 mil, gg my guy

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  • Ah mannnn.. yeah i unsubscribed.. I just feel you are bigger than bass man, people want to see more of you since youre a damn chill guy. Hope you feel better, im resubscribed and hope to see you happier

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  • Hi Davie, I’m Italian and I hope that a day I can meet you, because you’re a wonder person.

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  • Love your content and videos! If you are looking for a fresh idea, maybe consider doing a collab with another youtuber? I have been watching people like Billy Wilkins and Great Leon. Billy's guitar playing with your bass would be epic.

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  • You are the best.

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  • The best Davie video EVER.

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  • Keep doing it Davie, people will keep watching and smiling

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  • Man, you'll be seen as BASS god. Keep going...

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  • Davie, keep on going, man. You are such a solid, funky, bass playing dude! Love your stuff.

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • He didnt say "whatsap slappers"

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  • C O L D F A C E

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  • Zoom in, zoom out at it's finest

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  • Very impressive challenge was a very good idea an great content. I think that you should do more stuff like that where you communicate with audience, maybe some challenges or something like that. That's the same thing with pewdiepie, I started watching his videos when he was making "pewds does everything" videos and I instantly fell in love. So just think about something like that, and remember to slap the bass all the time ;) Stay funky bro!

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  • 2021 can't get any weird.

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  • Aw so wholesome. Thank you for those last few words. Sometimes it's really hard to not give up.

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  • yo you look kinda tired you good bro?

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  • This video is super sincere I really appreciate it honestly it shows that youtubers aren't just money hungry people they are real people that have true to heart feelings for their viewership and everyone should really respect him because he does care about everyone even his haters, in my opinion that's something very hard to overcome... great video davie keep up the amazing content and stay slappin' ❤️

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  • much love

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  • this is my favorite video by far. obvious i subscribed because not only do you play bass but i think you're funny but i do understand that youre a human being and you have a real life! i personally thought the guitar videos were funny and it was really cool to me to see you play so many instruments !! youre incredibly skilled and im happy you shared that with us. im so sorry you get so much hate, you really dont deserve that. you are a wonderful soul and you do a great job balancing humor, teaching people to love music and instruments, and showing us fans that we are all part of a fun and wholesome community. ive always tried to learn an instrument and its never gone well, but you helped me realize how amazing playing the bass can be and ive practiced and learned more than any other time in my life! because if i get discouraged, i go to your channel and i am reminded that not only is it a cool and sound nice but it can be a great passion and i have you and everyone in this community by my side to keep trying! were all here for you Davie! to hopefully keep you laughing but also to keep your passion for the bass alive, and i know that if we could we would hold therapy time for you too!! i know there is pressure to make a certain kind of content, but i hope you know we will be here for you to watch the content that you love to make, the kinds of videos you have the most fun creating! love u davie and this wonderful community you have created!! thank you for everything you have done for me personally, it means the world!

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  • Davie, thank you for understandable english! It didn't make my brain hurt and I'm really happy for that :)

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  • I think you need some new headphones bro. Pads look worn. Headphone reviews? Go to my channel hahaha I'm shameless

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  • Why he speak like that I don't Get it

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  • Please do some serious videos too like covers and normal music luv u

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  • Love u

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  • hi

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  • Do a bass battle with adam neely

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  • you made me feel better today, thank you!

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  • Felt nice to watch you succeed on INworlds!

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  • You kick ass

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  • I like your videos.

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  • Man i was not ready for this

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  • 3:04-3:16 That exact exasperated laugh/sigh at the end of that sentence pretty much sums it up for me, Davie. There are times I can put in 16+ hours of work into a single video and it just completely flops. Obviously very different audiences/scale of audiences, but that part is so relatable. Much respect and well wishes to you, my friend.

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  • Came here late but i just gada say hey thats pritty chill

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  • How dare u not say slappers in intro 😂

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  • You are an incredible person. Love from Brasil! 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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  • Slap like button now :'v

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  • I have 50 subscribers and 80 views in one of my videos it feels good

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  • Every time I see you play bass I wanna play lol

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  • It was nice to you out of the normal character, i liked it 👍

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  • we love you davie❤️❤️❤️

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  • stay strong davie ♥️

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  • 9,40 million subs right aincle reveal

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  • Tbh man, the algorithm has actually recommended your videos a LOT less for a while. I had to come look for this. Nice to be watching again. :)

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  • Petition for Davie to get new head phones them thangs suffering

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  • I've watched u over a year and just realized u have the eyes of rambo

  • who is this person

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  • My headphones pads are peeling off too and they’re still great! Marshall headphones are sick!

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  • You make me happy 😃

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  • I wish i was 1% Ezio too

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  • Slap 10M next

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  • holy God watching this made me depressed.

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  • @davie504 search @merainna in insta and go to his older uploaded pic you will find yourself

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  • Real human bean

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  • Why do you look like bruno fernandes in this video 😲

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  • you are awesome man!

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  • Do you have a full band ? Like you jam everyday just for fan ,😊

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  • Replace those ear cups davie.

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  • 10 million subs pp reveal

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  • For myself, I was really focused on political content the last few months and only recently started watching more humor/entertainment content again.

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  • Hey can u do bass for omegle, search AYJ beatboxing. You are amazing man.

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  • When i notice he now have 9m subs, i'm here since 2m T-T

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  • Much love Davie. I think having public personalities like you being transparent about their feelings is a huge step towards a better world. Thank you for everything 🙏

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  • ❤️

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  • Exatamente Dave. Enquanto houver paixão, o seu canal será tudo aquilo que é há anos. Um canal com muito amor, alegria, bom humor e o carinho de nós, inscritos.

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  • You're awesome bro, I'm a real person lol and you inspire me to be better. Thanks for being you 👍

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  • :o

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  • V E O S AND S A B S

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  • Congratulazioni per i 9 milioni Non ho voglia di scrivere in inglese

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  • "Just like what my uncle said 'With great powers comes great *big Booty Bitches-* "

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