If The 1950 F1 British Grand Prix Had Modern Graphics (70th Anniversary)

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To celebrate 70 years since the first Formula 1 Grand Prix, here's highlights from the first ever race complete with modern graphics - also known as the Grand Prix d'Europe.
Video made possible with help from The Guild Of Motoring Writers (© 2010 All rights reserved)
Watch the full film here: bit.ly/1950DVD
Special thanks to Alex for voicing!
🎙️Alex Jacques - F1TV Commentator
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  • Why couldn't you show a full starting grid?

    DanTheRacer99DanTheRacer998 दिन पहले
    • @Matt Amys that’s cool. I understand completely. Hats off for doing a damn fine job and getting Alex Jacques to do the voiceover

      DanTheRacer99DanTheRacer998 दिन पहले
    • For a number of reasons, such as finding high quality photos of drivers in particular standing position looking at the camera from 70 yers ago is tricky - plus it's just giving context to what it would've been like, rather than a full recreation

      Matt AmysMatt Amys8 दिन पहले
  • If the first F1 race had S🅱️innala...

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  • Back then Alfa Romeo was dominate...

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  • There's some inaccurate points: 0:15 Formula 1 RAC Grand Prix of Europe or F1 IIIrd RAC British Grand Prix 1:02 Old grid consist four-three rows at grid, so first row would be with 4, not 2 drivers. But still amazing!

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  • Princess Elizabeth was older back then then verstappen is now

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  • Amazing! How did you do this? This is exactly how I pictured this video to be.

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  • so hamilton already race from 1950?

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  • Fagioli: "We have one push yes?" Engineer: "Yes. But we agreed not to use it against each other." Fagioli: "I do not remember that!" :P

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  • It's creepy to know back in the day it was normal when some driver died in race

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  • Juan, it's James Luigi, this is Jock Get in there, Giuseppe

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    • Back when Alfa Romeo were the most dominant team in Grand Prix racing

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