100 LAYERS CHALLENGE! Best 100+ Coats of Makeup, Hairspray, Duct Tape, Tattoos by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

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Wish you had a hundred bucks?
What about 100 layers of random stuff?
We thought that’d pique your interest.
Think you’d take the 100 layer challenge in stride? Try it out with your friends and let us know how it goes!
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  • I don't think they actually do 100 layers

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  • Julie:who wants a hundred of these anyway Me:u want a hundred of those

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  • 100 tattoos are going to hurt if you take it off

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  • I wish for 100 layers tattoos too

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  • I am so in love with tatoos and I'm only 9

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  • The hair dye will make you lose your hair because all of those chemicals in it Work smarter not harder, but I still like your channels 👌🏾

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  • Girl: I hope you like red Me:but it’s not red it’s black

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    • Julie not girl XD

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