One Year Alone in Forest of Sweden | Building Log Cabin like our Forefathers

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Sometimes we hear a call from nature. When I was 18 years old I ventured out alone with only a backpack full of simple hand tools to actualize my dream. Build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish wilderness. Just like our Forefathers did.
I had no previous experience in building, gathering materials or filming. So I started studying myself the old arts and learning from my grandfather and mentor Åke Nilsson. I began to cut down trees and film with my phone, learning as I go. My project started full time once I graduated high school in summer 2019. I filmed everything myself and edited this video so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do.
The tractor is a Ferguson TE20 "Grålle" from 1946, they were wildly used to move timber. In 1950 the first chainsaws came to Sweden but they were too big and heavy to be practical. I didn't want to take down every closest tree. So by using the tractor (also as a little tribute) I could haul a few trees from further away, about 150 meters. I would have loved to use a horse but don't have one. yet..

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Preparing First Logs: (0:00)
Clearing Log Cabin Site: (2:10)
Building Stone Foundation: (3:05)
Splitting Foundation Log: (8:05)
Log Cabin Build Starts (Learning): (12:50)
Starting To Get Faster: (21:35)
Winter Log Cabin: (26:27)
Winter logging: (31:10)
Dragging out Last Logs: (39:40)
Appreciate Nature: (46:04)
Log Cabin Rebirth: (56:30)
How To Build a Log Cabin: (1:01:08)
How To Lift Heavy Logs on Log Cabin: (1:14:06)
Axe Throwing: (1:29:38)
Tall Growth of Log Cabin: (1:31:41)
Windows: (1:43:31)
Special Thanks: (1:53:12)
One Year, Log Cabin Build, Alone, Forests of Sweden, Hand tools, Off Grid, ASMR, Primitive Technology, Viking

  • I'm only half way thru, but I am really hoping for a pic at the end... fully assembled, with a Dishy on the roof.

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  • Dude you started feb 2019 and if this took you a year to build then you had the perfect quarantine spot. Did you see the future o.O

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  • Destroy more forest, so that Sweden becomes a flat desert like Spain.

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  • Seems like an awesome forest for this sort of project, very calm weather too. Would love to do this!

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  • i see your minecraft skills

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  • Wow, he built a whole cabin in less than 2 hours 😲

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  • Are your actions legal?

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  • i expected a finished house :(

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  • You were not alone, you had the dog.

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  • Why use moss between logs?

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  • Man needs daily the amount of oxygen produced by 7 trees with a diameter of over 50 cm and an approximate height of 30-40 meters. Cutting these trees on a whim, you stole from other people's oxygen.

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  • Good job, really god job!

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  • His forefathers would be proud. I can see the American cape flowing in the wind with dual AR15 clutched in both palms.

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  • Is anyone gonna mention there’s no roof?

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  • Erik is a straight up BAMF! Great job on the cabin! Impressive axe throwing skills!

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  • Thanks Tree men, this loves Me

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  • The power of our ancestors! 💪

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  • This is about the most satisfying video I've ever seen in m life. I didn't know that the oomph sound of one log perfectly connecting to the next would be my new favourite sound ever.

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  • люблю ютуб, сидел смотрел про Криминальную Россию, про убийства , и теперь смотрю как парень хату строит в лесу

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  • white flight

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  • A young man, honouring his father, grandfather and distant forefathers. Being a good man is far from toxic, it is creative, caring, thoughtful, strong, prudent, faithful, diligent, hopeful and honouring of the past. Excellent video. Subbed. Will be sharing the video with my sons and daughters.

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  • Save the forest ,, idiots

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  • Hey man, three questions. What was some physical change in your body once it was over, both good and bad. What did you eat from day to day? Did you do any extra physical exercise? For example, hiking, push-ups - sit-ups?

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  • Very nice! It's so interesting for me. Today everything around us is ready and this unusual idea is fantastic! Hard and good work! I'am waiting for the next 🙂

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