Shabd - A Women's Day Initiative from Truecaller - #ItsNotOK

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It's 2021, but that age-old problem named harassment still remains at large.
In India alone, 1 woman falls victim to stalking every 55 minutes.
Sadly, this problem isn't addressed, not on prime time nor on any other avenue.
Here is a true story of a woman who’s actions spoke for society.
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  • This is not a commercial ad it's a social message for the society. Usually we change the channel when there are some ads but this one should be completely watched. Hats off to #Truecaller.

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    • @dimpy sweetz and the thing u were mentioning about some guy . Was it real or ficitional ?

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    • @dimpy sweetz I also believe that . Bt these things doesn't exist in real life mam.

      Nishant MadernaNishant Madernaमहीने पहले
    • @Nishant Maderna Ohh is it, that is your way of thinking. I don't think that way, whoever is wrong should get it back. So its not guy or a girl. Its about getting punished for wrong things. Please get that straight.

      dimpy sweetzdimpy sweetzमहीने पहले
    • @dimpy sweetz I have only wrote about guys bcoz girls get their support from everywhere . Men don't even get it from their own family or friends .

      Nishant MadernaNishant Madernaमहीने पहले

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    • Hey Sanjeev! We really appreciate your feedback on this. However, we have taken the strategic decision to focus on Truecaller's core features. Going forward, we hope to delight you with a lot of other great offerings.

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  • AUSTRALIA GOOD PERSON I KNOW truecaller advertisement i like

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  • Great Ad, respect to maker

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  • That is so inspirational. I feel every second of the video

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  • i watched the whole ad- i always skip in 5 secs - it was nicely shown ! i hope the society will stop accepting such behavior from such harassers and laws will be as strict as tax related crimes

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  • Hi team I gave suggestion if you can enhance feature of true caller for chat exporting like Whatsapp have that will be more useful

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  • May I know your customer care number for Truecaller... Renew payment got stuck.,...

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    • Hey Vishwas! Please write to us here and we will look into it.

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  • Thanq true caller.. sometimes i feel very relaxed by using dis app👍😊

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  • Proved again, we never got independence as father of the nation wished till now, so sad, are we getting back ahead to primitive era, mens, can get back to our business, save our land from harmful advertisement, save womens from media, may our land be blessed with positive wibes

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  • when i broke up with my ex-boyfriend, for over 2 months he kept calling me continuously. it was so scary. had i broken up with him without any discussion or clarification, it could be understood that he'd do so. but i talked to him SO many times, maintaining my stance. but he always had a new reason to call me. i didnt have a smart phone back then which could block calls, so for most of the day i had to keep my phone switched off. i get so anxious when i see him calling. he still tries to call like twice a month. im so tired.

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  • Really good advice. All need to appreciate

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  • In its way women did very right thing , but y can't he came behind to express his love , not to disturb her in public , his love also have respect , to talk with family

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  • My humble request to all males Pls don't try to love and marry a female Females are already 100% fixed in their mind that either to be arranged married or unmarried So males pls avoid love I pray to God that all males must loss their thought, interest,love,attraction and care towards females And also make all males loss their potency,make us impotent Protect us from being married as a thing

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    • @NJAN MALAYALI then pls tell me how should a male approach female for love I can say strongly that even if a boy just give a love letter decently he is accusable by the decision of girl Society will never care before harming the boy whether he is innocent or not Really being a boy is too tough than being a girl

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    • What made you talk like this? Do you think this is LOVE???? This is what called stalking and most girls are going through this. If you love someone stalking is not a way for approaching them 🤷 Just imagine someone is following you day and night you feel something's not right. That's what these victims are facing.

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  • I support this

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  • Very nice things for all over world. Happy Women's Day

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  • Very true and nice

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  • Love should bring joy, it should grant a person peace, but here and not, it was bringing only pain.

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  • I salute this lady.... ✨✨✨✨😊😊😊

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  • पहले के समय में भारत वासियों के अंदर नारी के प्रति एक विशेष आदर था और बोला जाता था की जहां नारी की पूजा होती है वहां देवताओं का वास होता है और अब पश्चिमी और चाइनीस कचरा खा खा कर के ठीक उसके उल्टा नारी को देखकर बोला जाता है क्या झकास माल है इस घटिया सोच को बदलने की जरूरत है तभी नारी को उचित सम्मान मिल पाएगा और सही मायने में भारत माता की जय कहने के हकदार होंगे

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  • i specially searched for it to see it second time after seeing it as an advertisement in a video..

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  • This is a useful message to our world society. I submit my heartfelt salutations to.

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  • This is really an Eye Opener msg

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  • This is what every hero does to a heroine in a typical bollywood lovestory.

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  • best ever social message

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  • Completely watched 👍👍👍hats off..

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  • What about male harassment? Have you done any research on it? Or it's not that much serious issues?

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  • Action s can speak louder than words

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  • this is so TRUEEE. I dont know how india doesn't address such a big issue publicly and motivate girls to take actions..thank you so much truecaller for taking this action..hope indian government follows this, and creates some proper laws regarding this.

  • Man.... This experience is something most girls have experienced at least once in their life. Writing this with tears in my eyes. Bought back some terrible traumatic memories. Stay strong girls... Don't hesitate to take legal action.. don't be afraid, always know that law is on your side. You'll be surprised to see Stalker/harasser melt like a snowflake in seconds once you go to police station... I've personally experienced that. But please don't abuse legal advantage and frame innocent guys.

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  • When stranger gets to know there is girl behind the number they start calling again and again to harras us

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  • Some men in this comment section really need to man up. They are so away from the reality.

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  • #ItsNotOK

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  • Main bhi ek ladki hun kash koi ladki ko bhi samajh pata kya hota hai ek ladki hona 😔

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  • Equality only works for women. Btw video was great . But it shows only one side of a story .

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  • I have downloaded 🤗 truecaller

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  • Hats off to you to make this ad #truecaller☺️

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  • Sad reality of our society.. this is not just an ad, it's a milestone movement to show their problems. Greatly appreciate truecaller... Hats off..❤️❤️

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  • Trucaller is one of the most important app in my life .. love 💕 you trucaller. Love from Maharashtra.. मराठी.

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  • You know due to these online coaching and stuff my name has got distributed a lot .. I get lot of calls from unknown no. So I directly block them after seeing names on Truecaller .. . But now I will directly block them ..

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  • This video is just a viewers watching video Until the system really acts like this without political pressures & high level influence, money influencing and bribery nothing in India gonna change. No matter how many videos or motivational speech and applications launch still things goes on.

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  • I think there dislikes by mens only sorry meninists and real harassers definitely ,rih ( rest in hell )for all those 😂😂😂... For meninists and harassers 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕... i hope and I wish that all things must happen to harassers

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  • Who the duck disliked the video..i think they all belong to the harrasment category..

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  • omg i have faced this so many times. i never give out my number out loud.. at hospitals or any place for registration etc. trust me there is always some creep noting it down. and i have had to change my number so many times the past few years. its nice the video was made

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  • आप हंसते रहिए मुस्कुराते रहिए और हमेशा खुश रहिए नहीं चाहते हैं आप बहुत अच्छी लगती है

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  • I as a guy am facing online stalking and harassment. I can't emphasize enough why there is a need to show this as a crime that not only happens with women. Men are going through this too. Truecaller is doing great at what they do but you guys need to show what's happening irrespective of the gender.🙏

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