Blocking Dead: FULL ANIMATION (Minecraft Animation) [Hypixel]

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The full animation of Blocking Dead, a Minecraft animation based on the Hypixel minigame.
The Derp crash lands in a plane and must team up with other survivors and fight hordes of zombies and avoid being infected. Will he and his team mates be able to survive until evacuation?
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  • The creator of this video just released an EPIC Minecraft movie animation! Check it out:

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    • Wut ur first animation vid?

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    • Zander

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    • f2f b v g g g d g d g c,

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    • I like your animation

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  • These giys are idits why dont they turn on peaceful mode instead

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  • 0:09 on the far left is me when i was about 15, 16. Idk how old cuz i suck at everything but i was a4oind that qge Now im 26

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  • Bruh make ore this is the best

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  • Its sad that everybody he teamed with died

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  • 3:14 Noob is a legend for doing that

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  • Wow i wacth this 2018 now 2021 hahah

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  • This noob charecter are too strong

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  • they got the name from walking dead but they changed it to blocking dead

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  • Grandpa be like: idc 😐

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  • When Nerf becomes real gun: Derp : Ooh cool toy...

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  • да да вот так всегда. Дохрена зомбаков а твои теммейты сдрыснули! БЛЛЛЛ как жизненно,_,

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  • Warning it's a fake noob he can kill so nice 😂😂😂

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  • My god I remember this

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  • blocking dead is a blocking head dude i like derp even though he is a noob he finally became a pro

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  • I watched this 2 years ago

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  • why is derp sad its just a game

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  • Praying is the best part to get power! 🥺 Btw I really love this video! Really cool sound and editing! It's so cool! 😲

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  • made me cry as a child

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  • 14:01=jai machi ,hurry fish

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  • I love Minecraft animation fighting, when you try to do that stuff in Minecraft you just look dumb with your little straight body jumping around.

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  • Hello black plasma studios. I am Azerbaijani. My name is Zaur. I love your movies. They are very beautiful. But I have a request from you. Please shoot all your movies like war songs. That is, it should be long, delicate, interesting and talkative. Please fulfill my request. Let the Turkish language be among the subtitles. My Favorite War Songs. I'm just looking at him. Because there are only Turkish subtitles. Black Plasma Studios What software do you use when creating animations?

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  • when did noob get asome skills srry cant spell

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  • Everybody the derpy Steve saw turned into a zombie

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  • And the ended man guys death was sad

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  • I hated that the blue guy with sword and his 2 friends died

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