The LADAKH Tent | World’s 1st Solar Heated Military Tent | Made in India | Sonam Wangchuk

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for #indianarmy at #galwanvalley
+15 C at 10pm. Minimum outside last night was -14 C,
Uses only sunlight, water and insulated layers to maintain temperature.
Replaces tons of kerosene fuel, pollution, emission and #climatechange.
Designed for 8 to 10 soldiers, it is fully portable for difficult terrains. Each part weighs less than 30 Kgs.
#MadeInIndia #MadeInLadakh #CarbonNeutral
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  • Thank you all for the immense interest n great response... I'll answer some of your frequently asked questions... Q. Is the tent like a vegetable green house? A. No, vegetable green houses generally go to +40 C in the day and minus 7 C at night, if you don't use artificial heating. This tent would stay between + 12 to + 25 C. But yes, if they wish, the soldiers CAN grow fresh greens for themselves in the solar lounge. Q. Is there enough oxygen in the tent for 10? A. We're testing...! if artifial ventilation is needed, we'll install a heat recovery ventilation system. Q. B what about backup heat in case of no sun and what about snow load...? A. It doesn't snow much in Ladakh n generally its v sunny. In case of long cloudy weather there'll be a standby kerosene boiler that will heat the water in the heat bank wall. So no risk of fire inside. Q. Is the whole tent less than 30 Kgs? A. No, Each part weighs less than 30 kgs for portability.

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    • Made in China plastic sheets fudu

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  • Sir it’s great work and you are the true engineer who innovate these things like this tent and so on . You always made your invention eco friendly that was the main importance of your work I Thank you on behalf of family and myself to you Please keep innovating these type of creative things so we all live happily 😊@wangchuksonam

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  • Your a great scientist sir!!! But even better human with a good heart. If China get this revolutionary tent, they will copy it by reverse engineering within one week and will sell it to the whole world and even India in cheaper price. Never expect such a copy cat country will become our customer!!!

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  • Hats off to you sonam, I read in the papers about you. Can I donate to this cause. Thinking a lot about doing something for our soldiers in these regions.

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  • This is what happens when u study for knowledge and not for marks ,hats off to Sonam Wangchuk sir ,true Indian 🚩

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  • Why can't we lay power lines here under the ground ?? There is cold weather, metals will give more conductivity to electricity

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  • great respect you have turned cold desert into beautiful inovation hub

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  • This will make the our Jawans keep sitting in the tent to avoid cold weather and become lazy..😉

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  • What is about oxidation sir in this tent

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  • How will the soldiers get FRESH AIR due to CARBONDDIOXIDE exhaled during night?

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  • Great great work sir, you inspire us with your invention.

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  • Congratulations. Great comfort will be appreciated by all Army staff. Jai Jawan and Jai their Comfortors

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  • 711 dislikes from China 🤣

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  • This is a great scientific effort with far reaching impacts. Blessed to have such a great mind in our country! Hope he inspires the youth to renounce hate and propaganda, and follow the path of love and innovation for making their contributions.

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