5 Nifty Tricks With Bread Dough That You've Definitely Never Had Before

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0:17 - Sugar & Cinnamon Balls
1:19 - Sausage rolls
2:02 - Nutella rings
2:56 - 3 stuffed buns
3:58 - Cheese Puff Buns
4:57 - Orange Cinnabons
✅ Orange Cinnabons
Dough :
● Flour - 520 g
● Yeast - 7 g
● Sugar - 70 g
● Salt - 1 tsp.
● Orange - 150 g
● Eggs - 3 pсs.
Filling cream:
● Orange zest - from 1 pc.
● Soft butter - 60 g
● Powdered sugar - 40g
● Butter - 30g
● Milk - 50 ml
● Powdered sugar - 120g
● Cream cheese - 130 g

  • I can't wait to try one of these! Love this man's style. Commentor 1001. Universe just told me to sub!

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  • Oh my gosh I just made the orange zest one. I’m going to have to give this away before I eat the entire thing!!!

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  • Your camera work is stunning!

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  • I made the Nutella buns yesterday, big hit! Reminded me of "breakfast in Austria". Any suggestions for the volume/ratio of the cinnamon/butter/sugar combo?

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  • As much as I'd like to gobble all of these up, the body sees white flour as sugar, and these breads will contribute to the immense problem of obesity in the USA.

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    • Preservatives are what make people fat, not home baking. In the store there are pies and pastries on the counter at room temperature for a week. These home desserts need to be refrigerated at will keep three days. So no preservatives no weight gain. The body when given too many preservatives gets very thirsty. It then holds onto all fat content like water. When we eat natural foods the rot quickly our bodies let go of the fat content. So no boxed cakes, cookies pies, but from scratch homemade is great. Look at the French, they make everything from scratch, no canned sauces nothing, and they are slim.

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  • Wondering why they called a hotdog a bvb sausage. I know hotdogs are sausages but why not use their specific name? Frankfurter or hotdog. These recipes look good.

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  • I made the nutella one's cuz I love love love nutella (duh who doesn't uwu) and I think I had too much. I went super hyper but they were delicious! Great recipes!

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  • Webspoon World pls pin the recipe of the dough Thank you. in the meantime for those who dont want to scroll foreverrr . this seems to be the recipe... ● Flour - 560 g ● Yeast - 7 g ● Eggs - 2 pcs. ● Milk - 150 ml ● Butter - 100 g ● Sugar - 70 g ● Salt - 1/4 tsp

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  • How to convert normal bread dough into unhealthy sugar laden junk food

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  • After shaping the rolls, do you proove before baking? Or can I skip this step?

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  • Do you only get 6 rolls per batch of bread dough?

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  • That shape tricks are cool, but most of the creations you see in this video are underbaked on the inside and look good on the outside because of the eggwash.

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    • Why? Prepared by technology.

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  • I know, I make bread all the time, thanks. Just wanted THIS dough specifically because it works so well for him and I had my own dough tricks In mind to try. No problem, I will do my puff pastry creations instead

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  • why cant you put both measurements hate grams!!!! not doing the conversion waste of time!

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    • Here you are friend, try these measurements and Happy baking! 4-1/2 cups All purpose flour Dry yeast is one packet or 2-1/4 teaspoons (if you buy the large jars like I do) 2 large eggs 2/3 cups milk minus 1-1/2 teaspoons 1 stick softened butter minus 2 teaspoons 1/3 cups sugar It says 1/4 teaspoons salt but I used 1/2 teaspoons. If your butter is salted, maybe stay with 1/4 teaspoons. (nothing worse than under seasoned baking). Your choice. I hope this helps! 🤞 😋

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  • Make something healthy! This amount of refined wheat flour, sugar, fat. and eggs is very unhealthy. Leads to metabolic disease - diabetes, heart disease, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, constipation, high blood sugar. Not a single healthy thing in there! We are eating wrong. This should be avoided like the plague.

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