Who are you?

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A new short film from the creators of "The Gift"

  • Loosing is as essential as gaining in a life !

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  • i need some help from you bro am living in siereap angkor wat cambodia

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  • i want to change my life but nobody assist me brother ..hard work bro .support big family ....my mum sisters and young brothers .they are going to shcools ...i am work a lone .

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  • Muy buen video, pero tengo una duda, por que el video esta en ingles pero el letrero del minuto 5:25 dice Escuela de teatro en Español :v

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  • *clears throat* Me. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • tbh, i have no idea who i am

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  • Huh?

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  • Dear Mr.The Gift, Hello from Japan. What a beautiful movie ! I was deeply impressed. I want to tell my Japanese friends about this. But...this Japanese subtitle have some critical mistakes… (I imagine, because of google automatic translation, right??) I am afraid most of Japanese people may misunderstand detail of this great story...while there are still small number of Japanese who understand this level of English conversation directly. I would suggest if I could correct the Japanese subtitles ? Best regards, Kao ( from New-Yokohama, Japan )

    K SK S9 घंटे पहले
    • ​@The Gift Thank you for your positive reply ! I will take a look of what I can do first of all. I will tell you when I have some progress, probably within a week. Warmly, Kao

      K SK S3 घंटे पहले
    • Dear Kao, You can edit it in this link: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AMwBD-K8N5nETzB5V_gvBek5ItjGXYA9?usp=sharing Please tell me when you do it (to upload it). You can start from "WhoAreYou_ENGLISH.txt" or "WhoAreYou_JAPANESE_to-edit.txt". Thanks! 😌

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  • What the hell is that video?

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  • There times when you have to be still and let God created your path and when a new journey arrives he’ll let you know love Grace

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  • Is that another fictional version of the movie “the secret” montages. So not creative

    Elvan: a Canadian Arab Gay Stoner Artist BuddhaElvan: a Canadian Arab Gay Stoner Artist Buddha10 घंटे पहले
  • 🇦🇿

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  • I write the songs that make the whole world sing... My whole life is deep within you... And when I look out through your eyes I'm young again even though I'm very old... It's from me it's for you it's from you it's for me it's a worldwide symphony... I IS EVERYTHING.

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  • Wonderful 😊👏👏👏 Fell like that I was imagining myself since the quarantine came along 👌💯

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  • All of this animation and the story Is blando flat

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  • Everyone don't have those skill of sketching or art, but I really liked your design 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😊

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  • what a shitty story

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  • If you can't think about one reason to live, then think about three

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  • I am me. 1 in a 7 billion chance to be me.

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  • Hats off to the Animator and the person who had an idea of this.

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  • Where is the end, the history was so good

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  • There's like 10 different things to take away from this. All are simple but easily forgotten i suppose. meh

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  • I was thouched :) thanks for the sort film ♡♡♡!

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  • Who are you. What are you. Why are you. How are you. Aka How are ya? Mr stranger

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  • There is air of romance and love's moment budding in time. Love and how empowering to everyone, I should think. Everything seems so possible, so positively right. We float on air. But what of those souls would find themselves in a bottomless pit? What is life there? What should 'we' make of life that encompass both sides of this divide? Life, I think, cannot live in the mind. It is unfathomable. Let it be - seems the way to go. Maybe?

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  • This is truly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • She should not have been riding the bike on the pavement !

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  • Still want to know who am I ?🤔

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  • Success is like the tip of your nose, everyone sees it except you..

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  • Who are you?

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  • 👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

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  • 10:45 oh man, she gon’ do it 10:46 *SIKE!!*

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  • This video is filled with flaws, yet is so simple and wonderful. It reminds me of how nice life was back when I was a kid. Before the stress. Before the pressure. Good times when you did not have to overthink things.... I miss my childhood 😔

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    • adulthood is even better, you just have to take it as a child too 👍

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  • 한국 자막이 이상해요 Korean subtitle is awkward as if it’s from Google translator

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  • 5:34 I know there is a lot to digest or even notice, but have You noticed that the CLAPS are actually CLAPPING!

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  • simple yet beautiful :)

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  • i love this so much

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  • I hope you will create more of these

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    • I'm on it ☝️

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  • Title: who are you Me: I'm Me

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  • You are what you think about all day long, so be positive while living positively in each moment. Smile! Folks will wonder what you're up to! ;)

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  • So, tell me the Homeless story.

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  • I love this comments section❤️

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  • The groovy buzzard neuropathologically store because engineer phytochemically afford out a chemical pancreas. large, lively church

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  • 1:13

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  • Sometimes we failed to see what's awesome in us because we're preoccupied by hunger of being appreciated. The empty box is what you are, until you fill it with what you have. You have to choose wisely what to put in it, for the issues of life flow from it.

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  • People. People are our biggest inspirations.

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  • *Let's be honest.. You didn't searched for it you found this in Recommendation*

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    • nah my english professor sent this to my class and told us to do a presentation on it

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  • Honestly this was complete self indulgent BS

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  • I'm Roy, 28 years old. I'm not happy because people trying to tell me what to do. I'm being blackmailed and threatened if i don't listen to them. They think i'm a bad person, that's why they do this. Unless i choose for one of them, that makes me a good person in their eyes. I just want to live normal, but they did something i can't know about, but still must appreciate or else they wil harm me. I have to be happy with this treatment because they are the boss, they tell me what to do and if i don't listen they eventually will kill me. That's who they are, some criminals pretending to be good persons, but in the meantime they just like to ruin my life and gather other people to join them without even knowing the whole story. I'm Roy, and i can't live my own life because i have to listen to other people filling it in for me. Don't be like me, i'll probably be dead in a few years. Enjoy life folks, don't say things when no one is around, because if you are being taped... just like they did to me, they will use everything against you so they can "control" your life. I hope this would never happen to any one of you, and you can be happy just like you should.

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  • Increíble

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  • The right person just improve your self, not else

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  • In your "credits" you have a Spanish cast. Is there a version of this video in Spanish?

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  • What you get out of this one is a story No names, no connections holding you back to it Just a little piece of life

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  • 1:13 she was at the table :o

    Josinaldo AndradeJosinaldo Andradeदिन पहले

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  • learned even more from the comment section than the actual video. The vid was dope af too❤

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  • What software do they use to make these videos?

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    • @The Gift thanks a lot

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    • www.toonboom.com/products/harmony/try

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  • Idk who are u?

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  • Who am I? Who am I?! 24601!

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  • aw man i thought they were gonna kiss

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  • What is this

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  • I thought there was a head in the box

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  • 4.1 million people don’t know who they are, including me.

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  • I have to admit as a Latin American, I could not allow myself to enjoy this piece until it had finished since it came from Chile, and now in the USA we are fighting the scourge of Socialism as well, and I was worried that it might be promoting that ideology. It's sad what you lose, you do not realize its value until it's gone.

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  • -"Who are you? I help anytime"

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  • I searched for "Who are you?" / "Who am I?" because I don't know how to answer those questions and I saw this video. This is inspiring and wonderful (especially that I read the comment section).

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  • Don't know yet🙂

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  • I don't think this applies to people. It gives hope but no

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  • i'm koeng kkkahhahahahahaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  • In conclusion: write a wickedly amazing book and get it passed on to a publisher

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  • I love this one. Simple and peaceful thinking

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  • I was so immersed i completely forgot this was a youtube video

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  • this is so so good

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  • Life is a world about bullshit the end

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  • This story is about a dog traumatized & afraid of large musical instruments.

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  • .

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  • Creating our better life

  • She has just delivered it..

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  • You asked me who I am But the real question is... Who are YOU👁

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  • The Notion that We are meant for something is an intense Emotion we experience when we Realise our Dream but In Reality we never know its Subjective i mean if another person had failed in realising his dream he would think its not his line and would align with something else...its about constantly trying we never knoe what can happen hence it is pertinent to find happiness in the effort else it will remain elusive....So just Try people irrespective of whether u achieve or not...there should be exclusive Satisfaction( we must be satisfied dont expect acceptance).

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  • This is beautiful, thank you :)

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  • Awesome

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  • thank you

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  • I really like it.. the way you present it . we can interact the characters to yourself even we make your life more clear about the next down or up jump.. Thankx

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  • What’s in the box!?!? Pieces of you that you put together

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  • Can someone explain to me?

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  • Thank for this video and comment that i am motivated my passion and passed my stress It's about FRIEND !

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  • 1:13 that girl was sitting at the table 😲

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  • Who am I? Oh, I am lazy fat-a$$ who doesnt want to pass my teacher's tasks for us when she gave us limited time

  • The ending 😂

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  • *7:03* _Got me lmao_

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  • 👍

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  • Nice

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  • I am a book, well, Life is like a book, you make the story and end it some how. Make adventure and fun stuff, plus problems, like a story.

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  • The owners of this country have us by the balls.

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  • Altiro pensé, Chile OMG, jaja pero en verdad me encantó tu trabajo, esta buenísimo.

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