Let me tell a Kutti Story: The Great Sydney Robbery | Border-Gavaskar Trophy | R Sridhar | E2

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In today's episode of #KangarooBhoomi, we look back at one of the greatest heists in Sydney alongside the fielding coach of Team India, R Sridhar. Watch out for Ravi Shastri's bargaining power ensuring that the Team traveled with their families and also on how he kept repeating 'Shabash' 249 times during my partnership with Vihari.
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👉 00:00 - Introduction
👉 00:30 - Summer of Sydney
👉 00:40 - The earlier promises that were made before the start of the tour and the sudden turnaround
👉 01:45 - The power of Ravi Shastri's bargaining skills
👉 03:20 - Sydney Test, day 1: "WE WILL BAT FIRST, MATE!"
👉 03:36 - The significant turnaround on Day 2
👉 04:00 - "YOU GUYS have a record, but not to be proud of!" - Ravi Shastri
👉 05:20 - The feeling during 5th day morning
👉 08:25 - The Pant factor
👉 09:45 - The next 50 overs that followed after Pant's dismissal
👉 11:30 - Ravi Shastri's message from the dressing room
👉 13:20 - Shardul's cute little role
👉 13:58 - "SHABASH, Ash!"
👉 15:00 - The Ash-Vihari conversation
👉 15:40 - Bizarre tactics employed by the Aussies
👉 16:45 - The thought process behind chest pad tactic
👉 17:40 - Conclusion
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  • Brilliant insights.. making me relive the historical games from another perspective.. thank you very much Ashwin for entertaining us this way.. you're a cricketing mastermind !! And ofcourse thanks for your brilliant performance in the field. 👍🏼 Proud to be your fan!

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  • Summa solla kudadu, you are truly an all rounder. You make things so interesting on and off the field. You my friend have a gift.

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  • Thalapathy 65 update please

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  • Machi Ash, this clip is as interesting as your bowling (batting too - after your ton against England at Chennai). Pls put this kinda discussion after every day while you play. Btw, I admire your batting today. Watte knock! Six vera! Keep up the good work.

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  • You deserve a MoM just for this interview series if not for the epic defense that you and Vihari put up at Sidney. I watched it until Tea time with Hanuma limping back and you on the other end. I am a very optimistic person but it was getting late here and to be honest I thought the match would be over a few overs after tea. When I woke up I asked my wife what happened to the match and she said India drew the match! The feeling I had was similar to the match India won against Aussies in 2001 after following on in Calcutta. Your defense is what convinced me to watch the 5th day of the next game at Gabba and man, was I rewarded! That match will be remembered for a long time. When Washy and Shradul put up that 123 run partnership in the first innings I was telling my friends, this will end up like the movie Lagaan. A bunch of newbies coming together and winning against all odds and it turned out to be that. I am sure there will be a movie or two will be made on this series. It was very enjoyable to live thru the moments thru your interviews. You were amazing in this series and I wish you the very best. You have another 5 years in you if not more.

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