Breaking Minecraft: How We Make Minecraft - Episode 8

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You’ve done it to hearts and minds - now it’s time for you to try breaking Minecraft! We take a deep dive into why our game encourages the dirty art of cheating, why we’re opening up the Java Edition so you can tinker around with Minecraft’s insides, and why we desperately need more people to become game developers because we have no idea what we’re doi… I’ve just been ‘asked’ by our lawyers not to finish this sentence. Enjoy!

  • They are breaking XBOX ONE disc of minecraft

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  • please make сommand update

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  • Hello!

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  • Can u make herobrine in Minecraft?

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  • just grab a minecraft xbox one/ps4 cd and smash it with a hammer

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  • Lots of love from India ❤️❤️❤️

  • I wish Minecraft will update with bottle of milk, because when creating a cake is 3 Buckets of Milk.

  • I like how humorous they are

  • Pls stop the cave scary sounds!!!!!

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  • Mojang you not add my account

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  • I have 2726M+ Minecraft Mods!

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  • Even cooler

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  • friend: what's the best ship? me an intellectual: how we make Minecraft narrator and the '7' and '&' key duh

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    • If I even had a friend that asked me that I wouldn't have a friend anymore.

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  • Okay you showed us how you make Minecraft but how did you get the panda dying sound.

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  • Hey Mojang can you add the goat horn in Minecraft 1.17 next week?

    Evboogie GamingEvboogie Gaming3 दिन पहले
  • I don't know if this comment will every be seen but I'm giving it a try. I'm a totally blind gamer who is trying to create more accessibility for minecraft bedrock adition. I have stumbled on using the Javescript scripting api in behavior packs. however, recent documentation is difficult to find, and I'm not sure if scripting is avilable in the regular version of bedrock (1.16.2) or only limited to the beta version still. most recent documentation I could find was for release 1.12 and beta 1.14. can somebody please let me know if scripting is still possible in minecraft bedrock (1.16)? thanks

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    • @TrueBlindGaming really cool

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    • @• thank you. and as of time of typing this comment. I actually got a java script working that will send a chat message after a block is destroyed and tells me what the block is

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    • Yes, it's still possible.

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  • Wait you say mod are great

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  • Ok my news minecraft my channel/;

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  • Hm! new ore Mojang pleasy

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    • copper ore is in minecraft 1.17. Also, all of the old ores have new stone varients.

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    Ez YulokyEz Yuloky3 दिन पहले
  • Whats? New Version MINECRAFT,1.17

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  • 2:45 dang ok sadly true but ok

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  • Day 67 of asking for Jens’ board collection

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  • Mojang is so in touch with meme and pop culture, it's insane. Such a stellar company

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  • I cant play minecraft on Ps4 because when I press R2 it looks left?

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  • Minecraft please bring my world bck its gone

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  • Minecraft the Great hunger

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  • Minecraft the Great hunger

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  • So, when was Cave & Cliff released?

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  • I am a Cubeaist and you are too.

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  • 1:28 - 2:01 ............ Why did you never mention about herobrine but you know about it?

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  • Ты что вы только на джаве что-то показываете что на бедроке нельзя показывать

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  • Add giants back to Minecraft

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  • Hey Mojang can you add enderite plssssssssssssss?

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  • Noch

    Selim YilmazSelim Yilmaz4 दिन पहले
  • How to rip us off 😂

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  • On bedrock there is a glitch where you turn pink

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  • Can you help me: I play Minecraft on an Apple iPad and I can't seem to scoop up fish (even if I scoop the water block that they are in) Why dosen't this work and if you are reading this Minecraft, add the scoop fish feature in the game.

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  • Aaah minecraft can I create in phone

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  • Episode 9 should be speedrunning

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  • 0:51 it’s CIRCLES IN MINECRAFT!!!!!

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    • cursed

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  • Excuse me can I ask you Think you for the cave and cliffs update now is time is minecraft create mod 0.3 🙏

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  • Mojang I have question. When will you just fix the whole game(bedrock edition) even the whole player base knows it’s bad. Everyone wants to play on Java but it’s expensive. And for some reason we have mobile players..... that tap anywhere on the screen and hit you and make pvp unfair. You imagine if a console player could just tap anywhere. It would be so easy. And why does minecraft Xbox 1 edition have 1.5 gigs and works amazing and the frames are great even with a original Xbox. Minecraft bedrock edition has around 500mb and is laggy and it’s so easy and the frames are always below 20 or 35 if your lucky. Another thing.... why can we play only 5 servers that just ruins creativity which is the whole point of minecraft basically

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  • This was the scariest Video I've ever watched

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  • fix your pvp on 1.8 you guys are sooo dumb \

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  • The music of this video made me laugh

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  • Viva Minecraft

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  • Jokes on you "/" key is on 7 for me on keyboard so for "/"key i need to press shift+7

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  • Hola desarrolladores de minecraft, si quieren pueden traducir este mensaje en google traductor, una propuesta realista para el juego serian erramientas de obsidiana, estas no serian muy resistentes pero tendrian (al igual que en la vida real) mas filosas que una espada de hierro, estas se podrian encontrar en las minas abandonadas del bioma de mesa o igual en alguna estructura del warden (como se vio en el trailer de la 1.17). Espero y les guste mi propuesta. Son los mejores!!

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  • Anyone: *says the words breaking and Minecraft* Megamanny and Steveee: *_Allow us to introduce ourselves_*

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  • I only disliked because of 0:35

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  • 666👎👎

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  • so mojang is fin with cheating but not cheating on servers to be clear

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  • We need farland map pls

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  • 4j studios after microsoft bought it, 0_0

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  • “We even made dank memes “

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  • I'd like to know how yall made cave.14.ogg

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  • Y e s

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  • Mojang: It’s perfectly fine to break Minecraft! Me who used commands to make a villager trade me ancient debris for 64 emeralds:

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  • add frogs add frogs add frogs into minecraft

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  • Minecraft PE is unplayable!!! >:(

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  • Buddy mc I was armed and all tool was enchanted and the ghost on nether pushed me to lava everytime. Why why why why Help help help

  • hi

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  • Imagine mojang owned Activision not only pixel war but CHEATING IN COD IS MORE THEN ILLEGAL

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  • Was Herobrine in The Game?

    Caleb PlaysCaleb Plays6 दिन पहले
  • cheating in minecraft is also using minecraft for free (like tlauncher or similar) well ... it's better that they buy it like me PS: those from South America or Central America save to buy it, believe me the official is the best

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  • Can you make a end update plzzzzz we need it sow bad or i wanet sow bad

    Anuar Eli RodríguezAnuar Eli Rodríguez6 दिन पहले
  • hey i wanted mojang Make yourself a Portuguese channel and other different languages ​​because it's not just people who know how to understand English to play Minecraft nor do I know yours I'm writing right because I'm from Brazil and I love Minecr

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    • Minecraft

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  • People who disliked 🤡🤡

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  • Maybe after caves and cliff update.can you improve animation.when crafting,other people can see what we craft

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    • And other

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  • FlipZapFlipZap6 दिन पहले
  • "Look I even made some dank memes."

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  • Minecraft bedrock for windows 7

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  • Can You Guys Add World Edit in Vannila Minecraft? And Please If You Guys Wanna Add It Please Also Add It In MCPE/BE

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  • I love how they used a FORTNITE llama

  • One time minecraft must be more popular than GTA 5

  • A random person who wants to ripoff minecraft be like: RIGHT THAT DOWN RIGHT THAT DOWN!

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    • write*

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  • I think the pink guys stole the sense of the chain armor too!!!😡

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  • minecraft the most perron game

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  • Hi peppa pig

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  • Will you add herobrine to minecraft?

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  • I want to give you idea please contact with me

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  • You could play 2 player and have a player with creative and survival and the creative mode player could give any thing to the survival one like I did with my sis ;)

    OrangeDude Is RllySusOrangeDude Is RllySus7 दिन पहले
    • You can do that bro are you dumb

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  • Everyone know notch make minecraft but mojang buy minecraft

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  • добавте в майнкрафт бета аметистовые жыоды

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    • I agree.

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  • What if you add this cool feature for Glow squid? The way you hit Glow Squid can give you blindness effect because it squirts glow inks on you?

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  • Бабки в Minecraft Pocket Edition Аметистовая блоки и кристаллы аметиста

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  • PLEASE add back in the delete phantoms cheat code

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  • Can you add infinite lava source blocks and a crawl button to Minecraft?

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  • I love how complicated commands are. I have seen people type give me diamonds in chat. We were in the same room.

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  • Fish 🐟

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  • Mojangs sense of humour 😂

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  • please remove cave sounds, disc 11, disc 13 and scary things. PLEASE jk

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    • spook spookin spooky 😩

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  • 1:16 Who is relate when you playing Minecraft for the first time?

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  • I am a cheater i use tlauncher 🤣🤣

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    • ah yes, malware.

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    • Lol, same

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  • Ho to break mincraft : just use data packs and commands

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