Minecraft, But Doors Randomly Teleport You...

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Minecraft, But Doors Randomly Teleport You... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the game, BUT, every time I open a door, I am RANDOMLY TELEPORTED to somewhere on the map! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This is a really strange idea.
#MinecraftBut​​ #MinecraftChallenge​ #Minecraft

  • This Datapack was made by Awhikax! Check it out here: awhikax.com/

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    • SO MANY DATAPACKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Wisp,I love your channel because it’s so funny,and I really like your videos!

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    • Hi I’m Jay sorry I forgot you to be there in a couple of hours

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  • *imagine getting the advancment "diamonds!" before "getting wood"*

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  • Me playing mc scrolling threw vids and see this and reads title wrong: *me:* GET 500 DOORS AND TRYS BUT SEES THAT READ THE TITLE WRONG

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  • i like how he had a sharpness 5 axe but failed to use it in the final battle

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  • Bro this man luck

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  • pls do mincraft but I teleport every 3 mins

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  • I remember my 2 best moments in minecraft: 1. We with friend go to village. There we will find villager with mending for 16 emeralds!!! 2. I get in bastion diamond pichaxe with mending and diamond shovel with mending lol

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  • 3:53 whatcha carefully I saw the stronghold

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  • Non sanca mantal it is so over acting so so

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  • I love these intros

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  • you went pass ancient debree lol

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  • Are we just gonna ignore the fact that in the video the red arrow is pointing at the diamonds in the room not the end portal?

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  • Anywhere door from Doraemon . LOL

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  • Wisp:Full armor baby The gold pants:What do you mean?

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  • Every wisp intro be like: Ah yes, I just finished [insert whatever wisp did] and all i need is [insert thing wisp needs] and i just need to go do [whatever wisp needs to do to obtain item] Boom, [insert item] Let's see what it does... *WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

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  • Me wondering what bedrock feels like to me falling off a mountain on my bike feels my head after a day or two it's probably what bedrock feels like

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  • Can you remake this video but open doors every minute

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  • Why does wisp sounds like moo snuckle

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  • "Im as cool as a cucumber" -Wisp 2021

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  • So you say anytime that you open up the door it 🚪 teleports you somewhere random but would a trap door basically be qualified as a door And you go use it as a door instead ?

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  • what seed is this?!

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  • Can it telaport the end ?

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  • I subbed :) bc u making so nice vids

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  • Wow this seems like actual legit content. And you don't constantly tell us to sub. Seems fine

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  • 8:19

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  • 6:07 Love the Dr Who reference XD

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  • The baby piggling is soo cute

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  • Dude best mod ever

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  • I thought you were going to say farm tool

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  • the dragons a guy he has b*lls

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  • Ender dragon: ;_____________________;

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  • Wisp : hey wanna be freinds haha lol just kidding Also wisp : I'm lonely

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  • because he is the best

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  • je should have 200 million subscribers

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  • Jy ar good

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  • I like it

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  • Hey guys, wanna be friends? 4:47

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  • Everybody gansta until the door teleports to a end ship

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  • i̸̭͖̪̩͖͓̻̟̒̎

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  • His luck is like a fake speedrun

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  • it reminds me of the mushroom doors you use IN MARIO AND LUIGI :D

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  • Minecraft but lava heals you

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  • Wisp did you know that you can right click you can trade with piglins

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  • When you're eating "Rotten flesh" you should realize your making your minecraft character chew and swallow dead diseased skin.

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  • You are speedrunner just like dream

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  • 0:50 he is scared of tempels

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  • Go

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  • Wisp : "before i will be destroyed by doors" My mind : "What are you doing step-door?~ "

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  • Fun fact, keep staring an enderman in its eyes and it won’t attack you, it just freezes

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  • Break the doors..

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  • Doremon 's anywhere door in Minecraft 😂😂

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  • I am starting to think this is fake and he just searched for a fortress in creative

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  • wisp sucks bruh sweeping edge killz hostile mobs in 1 or 2 hits

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  • *_ScReAm_*

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  • This is Anywhere doar

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  • I sub im new:)

  • Your vedios are nice

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    • Oops caps

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  • Ok

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  • Why we cannot teleport like this in our game

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  • How2getfreefortressnetherspawn: use the doors then build a portal

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  • magical

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  • Is everyone just gonna skip the fact that he got a already used diamond pickaxe from the bastion

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  • We're not going to talk about the durability of the dimand pick was used a bit

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  • He has the most random ideas and there awesome. Oh and I got a cool idea try and find diamonds in a mine cart

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  • Please make a mod where you can eat dirt

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  • Ya know I don’t even care if this is fake or not these videos are great keep trying your awesome

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  • he sounds so happy

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  • The best seed

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  • My profile Is a chubby bear

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  • bro who many diamand tools do you need

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  • You get a diamond and gold before you get wood🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

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    • And two gapples

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  • Soooo luck

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  • lieeR

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  • your great!

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  • Cool

  • How the heck did he spawn right at the fortress????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • at 6:11 through 6:14 @wisp looks down and looks at a bastion and looks up and doesn't care for about 3 seconds and then looks back down and yells and says " OHH BASTION"

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  • Mans got diamonds before he got wood

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  • potatoes and muffins are my favorite dishes when im done with you youll be sleeping with fishes

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  • potatoes and muffins are my favorite dishes when im done with you youll be sleeping with fishes

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  • This seed was totally random

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  • Doraemon: lA pUeRtA mÁgIcA!

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  • simple, dont use doors

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  • Doreamon power

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  • you are the best player in the world Wisp 😊😊😊😊

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  • Every time I go to the nether I spawn on the fortress

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  • Wisderman

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  • Ok but like what is this luck

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  • My cousin got me into MINECRAFT so that’s why I’m watching you wisp and I whatch you vids all day now 😂

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  • Wait door's are op now...

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  • monsters inc.exe

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  • if you pause at 3:54 you can see in the caves

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  • .

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  • The seed is: -1674109604

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  • 6:51 pickaxe was fake because bastion remnant does not have any used pickaxe

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  • u forgot da Major Door Alert

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