Formula 1 documentary ᴴᴰ - Pit Stop in Two Seconds

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CONTENT: Documentary looking at the history of Formula 1 pitstops to coincide with the third anniversary of its sub-two second stop at the 2013 US Grand Prix.
The Milton Keynes-based squad serviced Mark Webber’s RB9 In 1.923s to set a new world record. At the 2016 European Grand Prix, Williams officially equalled that record by turning around Felipe Massa in 1.92s, although the team’s telemetry data reportedly recorded the stop as taking just 1.89s.
The documentary, titled ‘The History of the Pit Stop: Gone in 2 Seconds’, is presented by former F1 driver David Coulthard and it covers the evolution of pitstops from the very start of the world championship up to the rapid wheel changes we see in modern F1.
Coulthard describes the changes from the abandoned pit complex and grandstands at the former Reims circuit in North East France and speaks to former F1 drivers John Surtees, Gerhard Berger, Jos Verstappen and Webber about their different experiences in the pitlane.
The documentary also features an extended focus on Gordon Murray and the 1980s Brabham squad, which brought in-race refuelling back to F1 with the BT50 - although the practice was subsequently banned in 1984 before being reintroduced between 1994 and 2010.
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  • My boy David can moderate the shit out of a docu!

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  • The B52 is the most beautiful F1 car of all time for me... its absolutely gorgeous...

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  • So, correct me if I am wrong. Since the 50's, pits stops became 10x faster

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  • Just me having technical issues or is everyone? Asking for a friend...

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    • @boop sam It happens for everyone, but I doubt they're going to reupload the video.

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    • 22:05 - 23:40 ...there is no sound in video. Does it happen only for me or this is for all of us who watch the video. Maybe if there are these errors, owner of this channel could re-upload video as it is quite a good story about evolution of F1 and very well documented.

      boop samboop sam9 दिन पहले
    • It does

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    • Seems to be for everyone.

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  • Can't smoke and drink and have a great career? Where did they find this woman?

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  • 14:10 - haha, the man they were JUST talking about (Bernie)

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  • Easy way to reduce pit stop times: “No tyres, just gas”

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  • ha! to gain competitive edge red bull team are hitting gym instead of drinking that shit red bull are selling to consumers.

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  • Although all below with exception of Damon hill and Coulthard ( strange both exceptions UK, but hey-ho)

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  • Actually I'd go as far as saying Dishonourable

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  • F1 is total c**p, s** t, hope it never continues, full of c****ts! Horrible stuff! (That's cheats and not c**ts, count the stars you p*****s)

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  • Yeh! All, ALL, results from history should be null and void! In F1 no one had ever won fair and square!! (except sterling moss and Damon hill and prost and senna)(after all what is history,,,,??? I certainly won't remember the cheatmacher!)

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    • It is DC

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  • Why did I watch this. Im not a car or racing person.

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  • "I can follow a wheel nut in. Give me a go, I bet I can do it just as fast as any one of those guys." Notice how his beer is empty? lol

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  • I hope FIA brings back refueling.

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  • That's why motorsports are still banned in Switzerland... which is a pity! Since 1955, motorsports safety have greatly improved.¨

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    daniel richardsondaniel richardson28 दिन पहले
  • Nice One DC. Wonderful presentation.

    Brian FreemanBrian Freeman29 दिन पहले
  • I am almost sure the tire blankets it was Nelson idea, that he developed as soon as he got to England to race, he was not used to racing in cold weather and he would put a heather in the back of the trailer to be warm and saw that the tyres would be in good temperature to get racing.

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    crazyjock999crazyjock999महीने पहले
  • Ah yes, a 40+ min video to go over a two second pit stop. Don't mind if I do. Oh, and then they don't even show the 1.9 or 1.8 second pit stops. Fantastic job guys.

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  • 14:10 - haha, the man they were JUST talking about (Bernie)

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