iPhone 1 - Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in 2007 - Full Presentation, 80 mins

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"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything ..." Steve Jobs said during a MacWorld keynote in 2007 and this was definitely hyperbole but the introduction of the original iPhone was a major moment in mobile history. With news that Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Jobs' showing the world the first iPhone.
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  • Say what you want about apple but even today they all copy this.

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  • Android is iOS without the jail bars, the barbed wire, or the training wheels.

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  • thank you Steve! for your technology given to us! RIP

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  • Oh damm if only apple was still as good as it is here. Now its just a barely different product with changes that most users will not even notice with slightly different specs and a REALLY big price tag.

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  • “this is a day” video ends

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  • I’m watch this on my iPhone 12 pro

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  • "And boy, did we patent it" Kills me.

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  • Redmi note 9pro max 🤬 . iPhone 1 😍

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  • 14 years later and I just learned how to conference call

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  • This is history!

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  • Steve Jobs is an incredible marketer.

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  • People make fun of Apple for always saying their product is the best most revolutionary thing ever. I certainly do. But this time, Steve was right.

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  • 2007 keynote: let's compare the iphone to other brands' phones. Apple today: we don't compare the iphone to other brands, we pretend other brands don't exist.

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  • Watching this on my iPhone XS amazing how it had changed in the last few years

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  • Watching this in 2021. I remember when this first came out. By the time Jobs got to the pinch-zoom in/out for photos, I had goosebumps. I suddenly realized I was watching an important moment in history.

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  • tbh it was dex mode on Samsung and then iPads that allowed for desktop grade software on mobile devices except for maybe the browsers, everything else gets dumbed down on phones especially for iPhone 1 era. Still revolutionary because the touch interface was at that time the only one that could take the computational power of a mobile device and fully utilize it.

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  • Can't believe the first generation of the iPhone already got these many features

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  • They should show the clip to Apple's staff every year.

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  • The milti-touch intro😂🤣😂🤣

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  • And now you made 5.7 screen ( HOW NEED STYLESH )

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  • Who’s watching on their iPhone 12 Pro Max

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  • Congratulations Steve! lol

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  • I miss the time when he is running apple . Now apple had no new inventions but just update and reuse the old design that invent by Steve Jobs

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  • Who else is watching this in 2021

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  • Fired up for the new iphones

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  • 42:28 iraq 2007 😔😐🇮🇶

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  • Apple 2007: Apple Reinvents the Phone Apple 2025: *Apple Reinvents Car*

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  • Everytime he say ‘boom’ I want to give him spontaneously my money.

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  • This is not Iphone release video.. Its marketing tutorial for people... This is how products should be sell

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  • 2021-03-05

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  • The nostalgia with the old ringtone man

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  • it looks like it does same things as iPhone 12 :D

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  • He was the true Legend at Apple 🍎 😞

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  • I still miss Steve. Real good hype man

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  • Wlll||odd

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  • dam he makes these hella exciting

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  • Can’t wait! When it’s gonna available? I heard about somewhere around September! Am I right? I need this giant screen iphone. ❤️

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  • I wish he would be alive today! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful technology, I hope and believe the lord given you the at most peace when you departed us. Hope you in the heaven. From a hard core jobs fan ❤️

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  • It's weird to think that in 50 years people will be looking at the phones of 2021 and thinking the same as all of us watching this.

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  • Nowadays ceos only talk about numbers

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  • We live in a primitive world, we still are way behind from real technology.

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  • Dam! I miss that guy!!

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  • Watching this video on Iphone 11 🙄

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  • Watching this video in iPhone 12 Pro Max Super fast

  • Say whatever about this guy, but the dude knew how to do his presentations. When I think about the term "natural salesman" I thought about Steve Jobs

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  • Blackberry and Nokia 👁️👄👁️

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  • Me with iPhone 12: Yeah I definitely need this.

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  • I’m watching this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max lol

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  • 1hr 20min of revolutionary

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  • it's like the first day! Love this iPhone 2G so much

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  • that singular guy was awful. presentation 0 points

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  • I hate apple but i love how much stuff steve invented. He was truly a genius. Besides of all the anti consumer stuff apple did and still does i can recognize that its one hell of a company and it still innovates today with airpods and who knows whats coming in the next years.

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  • did he know social media would overrun the entire purpose of the device

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  • A "giant screen" -- hehe... looking back you have to chuckle.

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  • What’s a iPhone?

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  • I watched the full presentation 1 day before my final exams. Still can't believe it. I'll probably watch it once again

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  • Steve talked about the AirPods even back then...

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    • Oh yh I just see it

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  • And to scroll, you just swipe your finger The audience: YAAAAAAHAA OMGGGGGGG!!1!!*&*(^&%^$%& It really puts things in perspective only 14 years ago.

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  • This video should be shown during college classes. Every kind of classes.

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  • Really wasn’t able to skip any part of the video

  • This presentation changed the world

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  • I kinda agree with ol billy bitch tits on Jobs Thera

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  • That email split-view at 39:50 is so cool, it’s too bad they got rid of that feature.

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  • I like how he prank called Starbucks lol I wonder if that employee saw this later and was like, "OMG I GOT PRANK CALLED BY STEVE JOBS IN THE KEYNOTE"

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  • 3:03 Who actually clapped including me at home?

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  • Back than I thought touchscreen phone was hard to control because I'm a kid that time :)

  • so your telling me they made airpods a long time AGO ??

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  • I can't believe only 5 million people watched this. The iPhone changed everyone's life. It made millionaires and billionaires around us. Meanwhile drake talking about a cellphone on rap video a bIllion views....

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    • INworlds was only 2 years old at the time, and this video was only uploaded in 2013. If the iPhone came out today it would've had way more than 5 million views.

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  • Damn, back when iPhone was exciting. Now we are just hoping they don't remove the charging port.

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  • This guy changes the world! without him may be we were in old button phone! 😕

  • 53:09 Google CEO foreshadowing Android.

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  • Me watching this in 2021😂😂😂

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  • Did he forget to show the calendar ?

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  • おおージョブスだ!人々の生活変えたよなジョブスは!こんなにアイホン売れると思わなかったもんなぁでかく感じたし。ガラケーと比べると電話というよりパソコンだからなぁ

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  • Music was always important to jobs he would have never got rid of the Headphone jack and inbox headphones.

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  • Me watching this from an iPhone 12 Pro Max 😂

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  • Any one 2021. Came to rake inspiration???

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  • After this video I literally went to eBay and bought iPhone 1.

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  • "It's got a 3.5 inch screen, which is HUGE" The good old days...

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  • Watching this for the second time. The first was in person.

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  • 14 Years later, all Apple did was removing Audio jack from iPhone

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  • عفيه ابل

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  • 2021 and still amazes me.

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  • Innovation and production aside, Steve is reaallly good at presenting things.

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  • I still have my first iphone 3Gs. Back then, I’m downloaded almost everything 😅. The funny thing is , when i ask for whatapp number to my friend they looked me like I’m an alien. Keep upgrade my phone, Now using 11 pro max ..

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  • Possibly the greatest presentation ever recorded.

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  • Iam using iPhone 12 right now but watching this is convincing me to buy the original iphone👏👏👏👏

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  • After every 20 second its revolutionary

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