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  • Super

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  • Nanum en sis um twins than.. but after marriage nanga pirinjitom.. But ippovum pasam jasthi pesika mattom.. but na nenakirathu enna nu crct ah purinjipa..I love my sis.. I miss my sis.. Neraya husband purinjikirathu illa.. wife kum porantha veetu pasam irukum nu.. avangaluku matum than sis brthr lam pasam ponganum. Namaku ponguna thanni oothi anachiruthuvo.. Ennatha solla.. Solliyum prayojanam illa

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  • Nice blog.. Dupatta will not protect from covid.. You need a mask and India is still not out of the woods.

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  • Nice vlog

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  • Nose blowing video making sister please no hankey use without hankey use zoom camera in nose blowing do i request you sister close camera in front challenge please

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  • hi lavanya super furniture's pa saranya ethu select Pananga pa super Saree u so cute in the blue Saree pa 👏👏🌸🌸💖💖

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  • Nice color sis

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  • Sister nkum asai Nanum 9th month pregnancy waiting for delivery after I will pursuse dressing table and beerow sister

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  • Saree super sis enga vanguniga endha Mari sarees la kattika easy ah irkum marriage aga podhu so easy ah katikra mari saree haul podunga

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  • Sis entha shop la purchase panunenga

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  • Vunga saree neck chain super romba alagu neega

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  • rendu perum ide madiri othumaya irukanum.

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  • Sis dressing table which shop mam

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  • Happy morning akka Happy to watching

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  • Sissy Last meesho video navy blue kurti code pls it's only 7 digit code s 8 digit you have entered wrongly n I keep on searching de kurti pls help me

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  • All videos u and saranya only sis pls put ur husband photos 😊

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  • U r husband d kamanga sis

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  • hi mam.puttikuli ku bottlefeed panringala.yappa start pannuvinga.

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    • ok.mam.

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    • Illa da inum panala

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  • Hi lavanya u r saree looks pretty enga vangunathu solla mudiyuma

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  • Yentha saree yenga vaginiga akka

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  • Super akka

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  • Dinning table price?

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  • Blue saree sema Lavanya soooooo beautiful. Saree pathi soluga

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  • Saree and neckset with jhumka so cute lavanya. So cute

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  • Saranya sis in yellow dress she is looking Very beautiful.video is giving ideas about Furniture s . Video is useful.

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    • Thank u da ❤️

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  • Blue saree semma sis

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  • 👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Very nice saree sis and purchase item is good sisters

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  • Akka blue saree super ah iruku enga vaguniga

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    • @Twins VegKitchen k akka

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    • Meesho da

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  • Super😍

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  • Please tell me chest of drawers price?

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    • @Twins VegKitchen thank you 😍

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    • 15000 I think

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  • Super

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  • Wardrobe collection super akka

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  • Super furniture collections sister ❤️❤️ so lovable sisters I wish you both of you always together sisters thank you 💕💞💞😊

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  • Im so happy your buying wardrobes and dressingtable,seekirama organize panni video podunga sis..

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    • Sure da

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  • Hi sisters....😍😍idhu Saravana furniture or saravana store

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    • Saravana furniture da

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  • Same blue colour saree nanum vachurukaneaa 🙌

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  • Sis meeshola order sevadu eapadi

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  • Ungahasbandkttuna

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  • Fine

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  • Having a sister as a shopping companion is a different feel. Only those who did this can understand....

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  • Nice akka 👍👍

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  • Lovely sisters....😍😍

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  • Hi sister...sent one mail about grocery.. kindly check

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  • Hi luv Saranya sis very much

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    • Thank u da ❤️

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  • Hi sizzys how r u

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  • Some years back u were lived in Kallakurichi near to Salam?

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    • @Twins VegKitchen ok ok nop .. just u both looks like my old school friends that why asked. You both are rocking. Keep rocking. All the best . Thanks for the quick reply💐

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    • No da

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  • Baba viratham finished accha vedio podunga

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    • Illa da...

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  • Nice video.... Yes even I cried by seeing saranya... That prank video..

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  • Saree link please sissy

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  • Dinning table how much sis

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  • sis unga ta peasanum...epdi contact pannanum...

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  • Saranya. Mask suber 👍

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    • Shall la potukitean

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  • Blue Saree nice sister looking so beautiful sister

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  • Your saree super lavanya👍

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  • Yellow colour dress Super Saranya

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  • Boys (nikil size )collections கூட போடு pa. I'm waiting

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  • Unga hair romba smooth ahhh iruku

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    • Thank u da ❤️

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  • Sis karthika sis vetuku ponengala pal kachuraduku correcta

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    • No ma...

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  • Entha saree how much sis

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  • Hi dear 's collection super and your looking pretty tc both of you ma

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  • Hai sister dining table evalo

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  • Inthaa saree LA semayaa irukinga akka ....unga face glow aguthu nalaa enna panringaa 😊solungaa akka

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  • Looking very beautiful in that blue saree...

  • Sister cream products yethum use pannama natural skin maintaining tips sollunga..

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  • Very nice vlog sisters !! Could you please mention which branch Saravana stores ? Need that artificial leaf decoration pieace.

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    • @Srivra Srivra thank u

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    • @Twins VegKitchen thank u so much sis !

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    • Saravana furnitures da

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    • Padi saravana stores they mentioned in beginning

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  • Hi sizzzzyyyy ... Super

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  • Saranya mask 😷 super.

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    • Shall la potrukean da...mask yeduthutu poga maranthutean

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  • Women health awareness channel please support frnds 🙏

  • Lovely purchase... Waiting for the next vdo eagerly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️... Lavanya Akka blue colour saree and ornament. Super 👍💞❤️❤️❤️

  • Nice vlog u both r looking cute 😍

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  • Akka baba book anupa la ya Akka 😌

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  • What about price in Padi Saravana store.Is it nominal.How s the. Collections for home decor.is it worth buy compared to other saravana

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    • Vangalam pa... available in budget rate too

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  • Blue saree link kudunga please

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  • Hi sister ur so looking cute saree le nice video

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  • Sry adi undu

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  • Akka erunthalum ungaluku add undu ok va 👌 😅 👍 🙄 😄 😜 👌

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  • Akka nenga rendu perum so lucky

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  • Super sis🥰🥰🥰

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  • Bamboo Flowers super

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  • Super sis

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  • Hi Lavanya the blue saree super👌 Todays vlog was very nice...its always lovely when you sisters vlog together👍

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  • Hi continue vlog ka 👍super sis lovely❤ sisters👭

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  • Sis dark neck remedy poduga

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    • @Twins VegKitchen tq da

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    • Tomoto la konjam sugar and lemon jucie 4 drops add pani apply panitu vanga da..will get good result

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  • Both r not like sister both r mom and daughter i tell ur relationship caring each other suthipoduga dr

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  • Lavanya your saree is super

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  • enakku ipave pakkanum Lavanya & Charanya Leela jaganmohan

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  • Akka makeup tutorial podunga

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  • Super Sisters

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  • Fantastic

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  • 🅛🅞🅥🅔🅛🅨......

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  • Which place is this..? Furniture..

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    • @Twins VegKitchen thank you.. 😊

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    • Saravana stores da

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  • Super twins sis 😍 💕 me too like all this organizations items but what to do am in rental home so no space to organize.

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    • Thank u da ❤️

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  • Nice dear

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  • Nice paa super dressing table paa appokuda unga husband a kaatavilla.

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    • En hubby varla da shop ku..

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  • Sarre Vera level akka🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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