Instagram Mistakes To STOP Doing in 2020 (WHY YOU AREN'T GROWING!)

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Do you know what are the most common Instagram mistakes that people do? In today’s video, I am going to talk about Instagram mistakes and Instagram mistakes to avoid when posting on Instagram. This Instagram strategy will help you how to avoid Instagram shadowban and common Instagram mistakes that most rookies on Instagram do. Press play and watch what Instagram mistakes to stop doing in 2020 and why you aren’t growing on Instagram!
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    • I just watched your instagram caption strategy and it was FABULOUS!!! I also posted it to Sean Cannell/Heather Torres' Inner Circle page. The primary reason for that, at the time, was to be able to watch a GREAT example of a "free course". I not only had no idea what that looked like, but had no idea (using examples) of how one was supposed to look. I think there's a lot of us who want to see GREAT examples of freemiums, courses, landing pages, paid short courses (how long, best layout, eliminate boredom). Oh, use bullet points, and don't make paragraphs too long etc. but SHOW ME!! Your course today showed me not only IG Caption Strategy but layout, the speed of your voice, clarity, and just in general how a GREAT free course should look like. I know I'm not the only one to need this information. Thanks again (Candy Marshall on FB)

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  • KEEP THE MEMORIES ALIVE AGAIN... . When I visit WWW.COREYSROOM.COM .. I was able to get access back into my disabled social media account.. I am very happy I get back my 12 years old disabled Facebook account.

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