A Journey to the End of the Universe

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Could humans ever travel to other galaxies within their lifetime? The immense scale of the Universe seems to prohibit such voyages, after all the nearest galaxy is so far away that it takes light itself - the fastest thing in the Universe - 2.5 million years to complete the trip. Remarkably, there is a trick that might allow humans to accomplish this feat - join us today as we step onboard the constantly accelerating spaceship!
Written and presented by Professor David Kipping.
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0:00 - Prologue
2:57 - A Journey to Alpha Centauri
11:27 - Returning from Distant Shores
21:12 - Onward to the End
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  • Guys, I've made an album inspired by your work. Halo Drive concept is so cool and futuristic that I called my last EP Halo Drive. I think you, Mr. Kipping and your team are dancing sometimes, so enjoy! indive.bandcamp.com/album/halo-drive P.S. support with likes, guys, so Cool World team see it! Thanks!

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    • Hypothetical question! What if the universe reversed from outside the observable universe back in on us ? when would we be able to pick it up and how ?

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    • music.inworlds.info/rock/W8PvPbQ2sj7j_7iThB6I3Q.html

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  • I figured this video would be boring enough to make me sleep. Now I have existential crisis.

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  • The point you were making about 100 millennials for humans to come back here. So that means another species perhaps completely different than humans that they have inhabited the earth first could be on that very same objective and could have left around 100 millennial's ago and could return it any moment? Where we've actually went through an extinction and have regressed as far as technology according to their society. That could very well possibly be a scenario correct?

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  • Light is not the so called speed limit. Speed limit is only one aspect of what is. Light is not the beginning and the end.

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  • Tau Zero

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  • I don't understand how people could possibly only age 20 years (as an example) in space while the rest of mankind ages centuries. We were all born with the same genetics, and we all go by the same Earth measurements of time. Our bodies age, regardless of travel.

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  • Until you hit a small pebble that explodes the ship

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  • The dependent bubble paradoxically pump because turnover socioeconomically marry pace a mammoth seeder. regular, aggressive balinese

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  • Now you have to modify your video on the theory of not the big bang and an ever expanding universe but with the big bounce theory where our universe accelerates but then slows to a stop to then retracts to a point of another big bang or big bounce as I see it. Now that's one I want to see you elaborate on smart guy. 🤔

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  • 68% of space consists of dark energy if we are able to harness that energy to something that can propel us through space at greater speed then intergalactic space travel could one day become a reality.

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  • Watching these videos makes us feel so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, Damn!!! To think we may be the only intelligent life in this whole universe.

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  • A brilliant video, but why the assumption of wanting to go back home? Into the void, baby! \m/

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  • Mind blown. Thank you.

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  • fICTION and LIES

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  • Okay, rather depressing, but maybe we have our alternative universes to pop through to. Or maybe our science is more primitive than we give it credit for, and there are other surprises along the way. Remember, we are only 300 years beyond the industrial revolution, when Newtonians thought we had it all sown up, and then came quantum physics. Socrates said knowledge is only a model, or stepping stones to build more knowledge. What next?

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  • The Boris hyper loop sound like somthing he would get excited about, but only if there was room in the vehicle for the bike! He’s only interested in media headlining projects the bigger the better like the Boris HS2 or a Boris bridge to Ireland, trouble is... he got something minuscule to deal with and he’s not interested on small things.

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  • There's a much bigger picture forming than just 'us' ... We basically are a speck in the scheme of things, a mere wisp of breath, a blip, we are only significant in our own world, which itself is but a tiny drop in a incomprehensibly huge ocean... Not only is their life out there, they are so far away they will never know if our existence, and the same will go for them with other life, and so it will go on..... We are but a single heart beat, a faint miniscule blip on a radar....our entire existence is no more than a single beat of a pulse. So live life....stop wasting it. Everything you do, no matter how great here, means zilch in the scheme if things... We are but dust. Right, pizza and a beer, playstation and a bucket of ice cream it is then. :-)

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  • To travel enter parallel universe or dimension our spirit being lives no time no distance. UFOS make right angle turns at 18,000mph. Cont do that in pure matter mode. Quantum physics what is is not, what’s not is always. That’s how we exist😎

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  • Guess AOC really meant 12 million years.... 🤔

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  • According to God's Word, once the program here is complete, what you see right now is all being swapped out. Isaiah 65.17, 2 Peter 3.13 , Rev 21.1 Our future is right here, not out there.

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  • 14:20 "Now this is where things get weird ." Uh , ya think ?

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  • 29:59

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  • Wow

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  • Use the time that we have wisely...! And that's exactly what you should do too. If you believe in all of this cartoonery & indoctrinated religious cult text books stuff he's talking and showing, you need to wake up! Nothing Banged & Monkey's are always going to be Monkey's, they will never turn into humans no matter how long you keep your eye on them. If you lived an eternal life and 1000 years down the road you walked out into the night and looked up... YOUR STILL GOING TO SEE THE EXACT SAME LIGHTS IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE IN THE SKY AS YOU DID 1000 YEARS AGO. The Creator did that on purpose so we could tell for ourselves that this place and us are Created by an awesome Engineer. ........spaceships lol 😃..

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    • He’s an actual scientist that has published multiple scientific papers and has made many discoveries in the field of astrology.

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  • Woah what a great content. MashaAllah. It hit me hard. Great time to live by, great time to ever exist. In golden time of universe

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  • Yeah this is probably the 5th or 6th time I’ve watched this and it always amazes me .. also a perfect story to listen to when going to sleep.. such a calming voice..

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    • Also , he has a brilliant haircut

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  • inworlds.info/plus/ucStrntgaqDImbo/v-iy the age of Saturn and the purple world order... first age on earth

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  • Now, we know the universe is expanding, infinitely accelerating, but what if there is a planet directly centered in the universe? Obviously the closer to the center of the universe you are, the slower you’d accelerate, so what’s stopping this?

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  • So basically made up nonsense

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    • He’s an actual scientist that has published multiple scientific papers and has made many discoveries in the field of astrology. Trust me he knows what he’s talking about

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  • We can travel till we drop to our end of our time but our universe to us is infinite has no end

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  • Physicality has a big limit which makes it unable to continuously keep up with light. An really now, unless we drastically change diet, or move consciousness to another dimension, time perception won't change on any human beings.

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  • And to think there are more viruses on earth than there are stars in the sky. We are equipped with an immune system ready for battle. God is great.

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  • beautiful pathos Professor David Kipping! worthy of a Kim Stanley Robinson voyage (-: Have you thought of reversing the coin thanks? ie Journey to the centre of the universe ? cheers, Guy

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  • If nothing can go faster than the speed of light, how can the Universe be spreading faster ?

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    • @Cool Worlds so space itself can travel faster than light?

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    • Nothing can travel *through* space faster than light

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  • *_God is great, God is good. He created all things. God is in control._*

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  • This is a scientific demonstration of the old say 'life is a dream'.

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  • Very enjoyable!

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  • “In the Beginning, God.....” Evolution is false.

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  • LOL considering we don't even know our position in the universe you just know this is scifi, if you want come and find my FB site before they block it again its called Aliens and really weird stuff, seriously its weird as 8 months later according to FB its visible but still no members

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  • This is FALSE: as stephen hawking wrote, the speed of light / gravity = 1 else, If SOL>G then expansion forever into empty space, if SOL

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  • I did not come here prepared to feel things! 😭 This was absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this. 👏🏻 🙏🏻

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    • This is FALSE: as stephen hawking wrote, the speed of light / gravity = 1 else, If SOL>G then expansion forever into empty space, if SOL

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  • So, the only way to travel FTL is to leave everything behind? One way trip with no return, through time and space so unimaginably vast... It's scary, but somehow knowing that we can makes it... uplifting?

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  • From what I understood: scary and mind bending

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    • This is FALSE: as stephen hawking wrote, the speed of light / gravity = 1 else, If SOL>G then expansion forever into empty space, if SOL

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  • Well that was depressing.

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  • The process of planning, designing, executing and maintenance of universe functioning systems is referred to as “Universal time limit operation system”. This process is carried out by the Almighty of the Universe based on the Nature of Reality of the Active Planets. These systems serve a variety of time limit functional needs of planets and living beings. Several factors in time limit functions need to be considered based on the functional behavior of non living things when activated and living things. All elements of non-living things in the Universe are having two functional behavior of minus and plus and require activation to perform its time limit function. Every element in the seven universes is made of Jabiga atoms (living electro molecule and living nucleus dust) and Ronos (electromagnetic force). All atoms of an element are not the same but all the atoms have minus and plus sense. Atoms of different elements are having different kinds of behavior and have different kinds of time limit functions. Jabiga atoms of different elements which are normally related to each other can join hands when time limit activation is normal to form a new force or to create a new component. If not related to each other it takes avatar as a destructive force with abnormal time limit creates natural calamities which could not be controlled by human. There are two fundamental forces namely Jabiga and Ronos forces with four avatars. Jabiga forces with plus and minus characters and Ronos forces with plus and minus characters are involved in keeping stable Jabiga atoms. Ronos electromagnetic force helps for keeping Jabiga atoms stable. Another fundamental gravity force disturbs the time limit function of Jabiga atom to some extent. Earthians View: According to study by Earthians ‘When solar system was born 4-6 billion years ago only 6 percentage of potentially inhabitable planets that will ever form in the universe existed, which means 92 percent of more earth like world yet to be born.” Earthians accepted that Earth planet is not flat but just like a ball rotating, that there is a vast dark force, Earthians studied about the shining stars and heavenly bodies and also named some planets and stars. Earthians creating horoscope and calculating the fate of human being based on the planetary movements and stars. Earthian accepts that there are seven human beings with similar face structure. Earthians cannot deny that they appeared on the Earth without parental sexual functions. There is Universal power that no one can see or feel the power or predict the time limit function of the Almighty. • There are about 300 Active planets in seven universes. Just like Earth Planet there are one planet in Haloma Universe, one planet in Rajsival Universe and one planet in Hindoma Universe. All the three planets are identical to the Earth Planet, and Bindra (mold) is just like Earthians, but mass of the three planets may vary. • The Almighty of the Universe for administrative convenience has divided the entire Universe into seven universes as detailed below to enable them to act independently with the blessings of the Almighty. o HALOMIA o AVILIAN o RAJSIVL o OHMALIK o RAVOLAN o ABILANA o HINDOMA The Almighty is the creator of every thing in the Universes and creator of Central force, Central Source and Dark force for better living of all beings. The Almighty is fixing time limit functions to all living things and non living things.

    Ganesan KuppusamyGanesan Kuppusamy5 दिन पहले
  • this is because we truly live in God"s head(brain) = universe (a net of neurons). and we humans are the basic/smallest particle in existence and most important because we are created in the image of God. So, as above so below, as in macro so in micro, as it is outside so it is inside, or when you see mandala and zoom in you see the same structure repeating itself at a certain distance when zooming in or out..Universe/Creation/God is one being that we witness as a child growing to adult hood and afterwards aging and dying, just like we do, in conclusion universe/god is outside us as well as inside us ! we are indeed made of star dust :)) and faster than the speed of light is a thought !

    rodica popescurodica popescu5 दिन पहले
  • This shit was absok5 amazing!! Wow.. I have such an infatuation with space and this just made it even greater!

    M JM J5 दिन पहले
    • @M J aight homes

      fast slothfast sloth4 दिन पहले
    • @fast slothrelax homie.. you'renot bursting any bubble over here..

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    • This is FALSE: as stephen hawking wrote, the speed of light / gravity = 1 else, If SOL>G then expansion forever into empty space, if SOL

      fast slothfast sloth4 दिन पहले
  • Anything that can go fast than speed of light is our consciousness....

    Shreetam MohantyShreetam Mohanty5 दिन पहले
  • On the contrary, thought moves faster than light 🧐

    Yahweh LeoYahweh Leo5 दिन पहले
  • What a fantastic voyage in Time. So clearly presented and choreographed in photos of all kinds connected by formula and equations. Thank you for such a video amongst all the gar-bage out here. BRAVO

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  • Stop and take a think what if the world we call home and live in is its own spaceship, did u think about that

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  • Hmm, 15 years in space. Let's say there are seven people on board that consume three meals a day. The size of a craft to support that many by bio tech would be enormous. The point of cryofreezing while in space would defeat the whole purpose of exploration - after leaving Neptune ( about 12-15 ) years you would want to be able to visualize what is beyond our universe. We are no where near the technology to be able to hibernate for that period of time much less beyond that.

    Frank BravoFrank Bravo5 दिन पहले
  • Reality versus hypothesis - I took a a hand full of sand and started counting the grains. I stopped at 2357 and still had a quarter hand full left. Now using that as a measurement, there is no way there could be more stars in OUR universe than grains of sands from every beach on earth including that on the bottom of the oceans.

    Frank BravoFrank Bravo5 दिन पहले
    • The universe is ginormous, like seriously massive. I don’t think you grasp that

      Mag1KarpManMag1KarpMan21 घंटे पहले
  • Probably the best video on youtube,very thought provoking beyond comprehension,you sir are awesome

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  • Wowzers!!!!!.superb explanation..😮🧐

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  • 5:02 ayan Stein's...

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  • Use our time wisely for what we deem appropriate ☺️

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  • The way you explain everything is absolutly delightful. Easy to follow and understand. Great channel.

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    • This is FALSE: as stephen hawking wrote, the speed of light / gravity = 1 else, If SOL>G then expansion forever into empty space, if SOL

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  • Dr. Arroway: they should have sent a poet Cool Worlds: allow me to introduce myself

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    • This is FALSE: as stephen hawking wrote, the speed of light / gravity = 1 else, If SOL>G then expansion forever into empty space, if SOL

      fast slothfast sloth4 दिन पहले
  • If the Big Bang came from a single Atom! According to the current accepted theory within the scientific community where did this single Atom come from ? Was it always there, has the universe been born many times before ? something from nothing...! then at some point who or what decide to initiate the 'BANG' ? Anybody wanna chip in lol

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  • So fascinating, and deeply moving and emotionally charged.

    kathryn magendiekathryn magendie6 दिन पहले
    • This is FALSE: as stephen hawking wrote, the speed of light / gravity = 1 else, If SOL>G then expansion forever into empty space, if SOL

      fast slothfast sloth4 दिन पहले
  • Great presentation!

    Maj. A. PaganMaj. A. Pagan6 दिन पहले
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    • This is FALSE: as stephen hawking wrote, the speed of light / gravity = 1 else, If SOL>G then expansion forever into empty space, if SOL

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