Who owns each f1 team

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With the recent sale of the Williams F1 team, I got thinking. Who really owns each of the F1 team? I take a dive into google and follow the money to understand the owners and share holders for each of the teams.
Check it out to find out about few surprise names that you may not have known about.
Leave your comments and let me know what your opinion is.
Thanks, Adam from F1HOUSE
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  • Is Alpha Tauri a completely new team from Toro Rosso? Coz you could make the argument that team won before both Mercedes and Redbull.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, will continue to improve

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    • Noted!

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  • All said and read the above mentioned, it's all good !!!! , Thanks for your research, never would I believe the F1 Teams are mingled up all over the place .... Friends helping Friends ....

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  • Ferrari is NOT owned by FCA, is owned by Exor. Both owned by the same people/family but different companies ....

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  • Knowing that Ericsson is doing decent in IndyCar, seemed like f1 didn't fully suit him

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  • 2:09 wtf... Ferrari is 27/33% owned by the Exor Group, the company trought which the Agnelli Family also own FCA, CNH group, The Economist neswpaper and other companies, at 10/16% by Piero Ferrari and the other 51% shares are private owned by smaller share holders. www.ferrarilakeforest.com/who-owns-ferrari/

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