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It feels great writing this. We’re finally ready to show you what we think of the new Mahindra Thar. All your comments about where our Thar video was all this while - we heard you. We’d sprung into action a long time ago, but for some reason or another, the stars didn’t align. Until now. So without any more delay, here’s our very own trio of Rs going through the highs and lows of the all-new Mahindra Thar. There’s no way to measure it, but we’re probably more excited about this vehicle than you are. Maybe. Either way, hit that like button, get on with sharing this and subscribe to us if you haven’t already! We’re eager to hear what you think about this. Oh, and did we forget to mention that there’s more where this came from? This is just part one of two!
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0:00 - 1:45: Intro
1:46 - 2:08: Premise
2:09 - 2:59: Old vs. New
3:00 - 3:29: Steering Feel
3:30 - 4:03: Suspension
4:04 - 4:26: Road Presence
4:27 - 5:22: Design
5:23 - 6:33: Boot Space
6:34 - 7:32: Rear Seats
7:33 - 7:49: Interior
7:50 - 8:39: Driving
8:40 - 9:25: Infotainment
9:26 - 9:56: Flexibility
9:57 - 10:35: Water Resistant
10:36 - 11:18: Ergonomics
11:19 - 11:46: Visibility
11:47 - 12:13: Fanfare
12:14 - 13:24: Parking
13:25 - 14:14: Niggles
14:15 - 15:08: Cornering
15:09 - 17:10: Summary

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