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Kimi Raikkonen Funny Moments of all time! Try not to laugh challenge with Kimi Räikkönen!

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    • Indeed right it did

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    • Lol in my search your thumb title is 900k, on vid is 1mill. ITS BWOAH BOY KIMI. IT WILL HIT 2.5MILL WITHIN A YEAR.

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  • Kimi looks like a total dork wearing his bill flat like that.

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  • The title is correct.

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  • A man who gets to the point

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  • You Finnish ceack me up

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  • 0:14 Happy mother's day to my mother and all the other mothers out there. That's it. Thank you.

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  • One Word: Bwoahhh

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  • Kimi to F1 is like Valentino Rossi to MotoGP, F1 needs him not the other way around

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  • 0:30 Rip Will Buxton.

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  • Kimi, se non ci fosse dovrebbero inventarlo!

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  • Somebody Please Make Sure Kimi gets Gloves & steering wheel for 2021

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  • Yes

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  • Jajajaja el uno

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  • Does Kimi not like Martin Brundle? 😂😂

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  • Legend, please! Portuguese legend!

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  • What is so funny here?

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  • 1.5M and counting )

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  • 6:38, Davide Valsecchi in our hearts 😂😂

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  • El ultimo real. El resto, naturales como una Big Mac....

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  • 8:05. One of my favourite Kimi moments. "Ya see, easy." By a couple of tenths on his first time on a hovercraft. And the guys all got the joke. I love it.

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  • Dissapointing

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  • VITTU!!

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  • how can this get near 700 dislikes?? whats wrong with you guys??

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  • If the corruption comes to light, the democrats can pack up. Most likely this was the last election. No one will ever believe the democrats again. Heard elsewhere a prophet indicate that they will then continue their evil plans underground and later rise again elsewhere in the world......... Tribulation?

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  • XD kimi Fuckonnen

  • When Kimi leaves F1 so will I

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  • Damn man! 🔥🔥 Bravoooo! Your vids got views...but this time around you HIT right with the caption! It works!💥👏💥💪👊💯 Nice choice here..

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  • Kimi it THE King!

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  • Pica wey.

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  • Noticed that lewis always laugh to kimi

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  • He wassent lieing

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  • Wow it did get 1m veiws

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  • Kimi is only happy when hes drunk

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  • 6:35 mic dude:wtf are they doing over there??

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  • Nicole Kidman again another attractive female celebrity pretending to be interested in F1, everyone remembers Christina Aguilera

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  • This Kimi Raikkonen Video will get 1 000 000 Views > You are correct

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  • 617 people dont like Kimi??? I don't get it...who the f@ck doesn't like Kimi?!

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  • Sorry disappoint you mate, 1.4 million views as of November 2020😔

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  • Many forget, Kimi is still the last Ferrari world champion ;)

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  • I love that fact that Kimi is still enjoying racing and soon preparing to be older than some team owners! You can’t help loving this guy, even though he really doesn’t give a damn whether you do or not ha ha

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  • Missed out the "I was taking a shit' interview with Martin in Brazil. Properly funny moment.

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  • Sorry mate, there's a misspelling in the title. It should be "This Kimi Räikkönen Video will get 1 000 000 likes"

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  • He is more a jerk than funny (actually, it is not funny at all) !!!

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  • Rip kastiop 💔🕊

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  • Kimi is the reason there is no fan boost in F1 like in FE

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  • Funny how you lot can never bring what you advertise ! The picture on the Video , the Guy on the Ground , that is why I clicked on this Video but you cannot even bring a snipped of that !

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  • Thanks for this video♥️

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  • It has don't know why though......Could be Sebs moustache

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  • Didn't get 1 million views. It just couldn't stop there. It spilled over.

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  • wtf?!

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  • He’s like Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He gets the last laugh ha. An enigma. 🏁

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  • Kim’s you will not have the hat 0:40

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  • Guy makes vid about kimi Kimi:FOR WHAT!!

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  • hahaha what a fucking majestic son of a bitch. the amount of not giving a fuck that's woven into kimi's very being is staggering. but then you watch him with his kids and you see that all he cares about is them. bless him. he's a proper character with his priorities in the correct order. will be sad when he hangs up his gloves.

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  • Biden&Kimi 2020!!

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  • wow he was right

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  • A good man that likes a great drink. Rock on Kimi.

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  • Ferrari: Kimi, why you are doing that? Kimi: Why not. ☺

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  • Thank you for the video ❤

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  • He predicted it

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  • Kimi, the gangster thug of F1 and a drunk ! Disgusting !

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  • Kimi, Vettel and Arrivabene. I want those times back.

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  • that is true

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  • Always, the ICEMAN cometh! Kimi is the greatest. F1 without him would not be the same. He has been such a part of F1 and raced with the greatest. Kimi forever!!

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  • Imagine nicole kidman introducing herself to someone... Kimi just be Alpha AF 😛

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  • Omg I can’t stop laughing

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  • Drunk Kimi explaining work of universe to seb

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  • Kimi smashed!! 😂 Bet hes fucking funny

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  • is there any kimi haters!?? i like him tho

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  • Look at that video clip of him screaming for his gloves and steering wheel. Then the team holds him up even more when they lower the car and start messing with his front wing airflow. He was definitely sabotaged. All the lack of support and under performance in the team at the highest level of Motorsport will never happen in reality if everything was an authentic ethos within the entire racing team.

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  • Funny man

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  • I could see Kimi as an actor on The Office 😆. Has that attitude, like many that are 40 ish and been at the same job for 20 plus years 😆👍🏼

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  • That nicole Kidman moment is a gem lmfao

  • INworlds be getting real comfortable with these two non-skip ads

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  • Kimi is cool🤷🏼‍♂️

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  • Cant stand the sour faced misery...

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  • What race it is at 8:07

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  • Kimi knows how hilarious he is

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  • The greatest ever🤘🏻

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  • Are you going to give Kimi some of the viewing profits? Nah, I didn't think so. :(

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  • Der Typ ist klasse.

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  • This is why he's my favorite driver lol

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    • @Zirob no chance with her lol

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    • You are so pretty! :)

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  • Legend

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  • "I love that passion" No you don't Martin you little fibber you

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  • Wrong.

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  • 😎😎😎🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

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  • I’d love kimi in a Mercedes with hamilton

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  • Always drunk

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  • why do we love him, he has ZERO charismas

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    • Why not

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  • What a hoot he is !

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  • Kimi's arigatou is the best😂😂

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  • I could care less about as some noxious, American, mediocre F1 driver. I was here for that hot blonde with the thick legs.... what kind of click-bait BS is this?

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  • The guy is a legend so glad he's staying for another year F1 wouldn't be the same without Kimi 😎😎😎

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  • Of course this video would get 1,000,000 views, its kimi

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  • A legjobb kimaradt 😃😄😁😀

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  • Why not, hahah

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  • My favorite F1 pilot

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