Lizzo Proves She’s 100% That B***h In “Truth Hurts” Performance! | BET Awards 2019

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Lizzo turns the crowd up in her first ever BET Awards performance! #Lizzo #BETAwards #BETAwards2019
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  • Hate 'em or love 'em, sometimes we can't leave these f**kboys alone. Lizzo drops game bon her super f**kboy experiences! Check it out here!

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    • @Joshua O'Connor damn u sound mad

      SannySanny10 दिन पहले
    • 1 A331

      Angie McGlachlinAngie McGlachlin28 दिन पहले
    • P¹1¹11

      Reanna PiddickReanna Piddickमहीने पहले
    • the dancers represented only one race, hence racist

      MMमहीने पहले
    • @Victoria Bonner kdlpskn. Dlpppp0pd9e otello sK iij ke)di0r otto llz -]?-)0

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  • Lizzo’s music makes me feel like to be born at the right generation i love her so much! 👏

    shineedays meumoomoorbitshineedays meumoomoorbit7 घंटे पहले
  • I C O N I C

    Leonardo MenezesLeonardo Menezes15 घंटे पहले
  • "you want some cake? ha!" XD

    Lillith BlossomLillith Blossom15 घंटे पहले
  • Who else loves your body her body your mirrors body everybody we were born unique and we gotta stay unique :)

    Angel2009Angel200916 घंटे पहले
  • go gil ;

    maci smithmaci smith17 घंटे पहले
  • oh dang that looks good

    Lauren Cardenas FloresLauren Cardenas Flores21 घंटे पहले
  • OK we know she's fat, what else?

    XS GarçonXS Garçonदिन पहले
  • Unpopular opinion this preformance is better than the actual song

    Dontae DouglasDontae Douglasदिन पहले
    • It's the passion

      Lucero FeriaLucero Feria2 घंटे पहले
  • wtf?

    Dmitry ZhukovDmitry Zhukov2 दिन पहले
    • What do you want now?

      Khalil HippolyteKhalil Hippolyteदिन पहले
  • 2:19- thank me later

    ChrisChris2 दिन पहले
  • Like the great Al bundy once said, o god im blind!

    Arend TiemsArend Tiems2 दिन पहले
  • I usually don't care for this type of music but damn is this sh&t fire 🔥

    Miranda SpeckMiranda Speck2 दिन पहले
  • When she pulled out that flute she ended all of us

    yutakayutaka2 दिन पहले
  • 2:51 I saw my two cousins, i didnt know they was there

    Love GodLove God3 दिन पहले
  • I saw my cousin in the audience-

    Love GodLove God3 दिन पहले
  • .

    Basry BasryBasry Basry3 दिन पहले
    • Purrr

      Khalil HippolyteKhalil Hippolyteदिन पहले
  • 5000 yen

    im so stupidim so stupid3 दिन पहले
  • You know she killed it when Rihanna, T.I, and Tyler perry stood up and clapped for her!!

    Nae Da KiddNae Da Kidd3 दिन पहले
  • Rihanna standing up is the best compliment ever

    Juju SchraderJuju Schrader3 दिन पहले

    Yugi TsukasaYugi Tsukasa3 दिन पहले
  • I cant get over how unhealthy and morbidly obese she is. Gross. Sends a terrible message

    • You’re disgusting 🤢

      Khalil HippolyteKhalil Hippolyteदिन पहले
    • her

    • @Sanaa P well then she needs to cut more calorie because there isnt much of a difference lol. I dont think here being prematurely dead would help anyone either, especially her fans.

    • @UNICORN JIZZZ Well she’s been exercising and eating really healthy for almost a year. She also acknowledges how much she weighs, but she’s still allowed to love herself.🙂 I don’t think people calling her gross and obese helps. But enjoy the rest of your day/ night.

      Sanaa PSanaa P2 दिन पहले
    • @Sanaa P nothing confident about being unhealthy and overweight. Real confidence would be losing 100 lbs

  • The energy in this is unreal. Must get such a buzz performing infront of an audience like that

    Adana HopeAdana Hope3 दिन पहले
  • is it just me or did i not notice miles brown from blackish

    Kamari JonesKamari Jones4 दिन पहले
  • My favourite thing about Lizzo is her just whipping out a flute in like every performance.

    Yo_itz_me !Yo_itz_me !4 दिन पहले
  • wake up people this is the way of the devil and this is why many will go to hell

    adamson786 biadamson786 bi4 दिन पहले
  • I saw someone from blackish lol

    milkcoffee _milkcoffee _4 दिन पहले
    • Me too

      Sophia WaltonSophia Walton4 दिन पहले
  • TFFNIYEA YOU But you

    Wille RichardsonWille Richardson4 दिन पहले
  • એમ બી

    Dhumda JemlbhaiDhumda Jemlbhai4 दिन पहले
  • *my white blood cells protecting me from sickness*

    playplay1212playplay12125 दिन पहले
  • Ok but how she was singing she could low-key do some type of punk rock

    AriAri5 दिन पहले
  • why illuminati meet Realtor 🇧🇸

    Honey Berkley Doniko Daxon SrHoney Berkley Doniko Daxon Sr5 दिन पहले
  • grammy winning performance y'all

    Md. Azmain YounusMd. Azmain Younus5 दिन पहले
  • anyone have the 0:00 to 0:18 remix?

    Marco HarvMarco Harv6 दिन पहले
  • Eu amo 😍

    Stela 123Stela 1236 दिन पहले

    Toca AngelToca Angel6 दिन पहले
  • Lizzo killed that

    Angela ChappelleAngela Chappelle6 दिन पहले
  • Podría ver este vídeo todos los días hasta morir. Ver a Rihanna levantándose de la butaca al sonar la flauta es la cereza del pastel.

    Lucero ZamoraLucero Zamora6 दिन पहले
  • 🥰thanks for the black community lizzo

    Amaan AqeelahAmaan Aqeelah6 दिन पहले
  • Why This performance reminding me of Madonna's MTV performance like a virgin

    unexpectedly beautifulunexpectedly beautiful7 दिन पहले
  • just a regular lesbian wedding

    mochi cheeksmochi cheeks7 दिन पहले
  • Lizzo makes me feel like I don’t have to be ashamed to be a big girl.

    CadizCadiz7 दिन पहले
  • Love her or hate her but you can’t deny she’s iconic

    Edward RichardsEdward Richards7 दिन पहले
  • Where lizzo at now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂2 hit wonder

    butterflyboybutterflyboy7 दिन पहले
  • This was my introduction to Lizzo and I’ve been playing her ever since

    Metal PrincessMetal Princess7 दिन पहले
  • This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...I love you...

    WNMWNM7 दिन पहले
  • I overly love this performance

    Shanik McCoyShanik McCoy8 दिन पहले

    Radical Al13nRadical Al13n9 दिन पहले
  • I remember last year watching this with my 17 year old bro and we vibe and kept playing wear Lizzie tweaks while playing the flute

    Eliesse FlareEliesse Flare9 दिन पहले

    Chun LiChun Li9 दिन पहले
  • Hi, I made a youtube channel where i am singing. I'd be so happy if u came here and listen to some of songs. Enjoy, subscribe&like&comment

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  • Iconiccccc

    heather_heather_9 दिन पहले
  • you go lizzo slay

    Janita SmithJanita Smith9 दिन पहले
  • Ok that beginning is literally my favorite!

    Chase BillingsChase Billings10 दिन पहले

    elena calonielena caloni10 दिन पहले

    elena calonielena caloni10 दिन पहले
  • At 31 she finally made it 😭❤ i swear to god we hype young 17-20 new artists but we should also support new artists who are 30+ we should give people a chance at any age🥺

    POP DATAPOP DATA10 दिन पहले
  • When i get her confidence i can die in peace

    marzo13marzo1310 दिन पहले
  • I like her energy

    1TRILLION Tiktok Followers1TRILLION Tiktok Followers11 दिन पहले
  • Cuando el pastel de bodas es hecho con marihuana 🤣

    Janner Oswaldo Franco QuiñaJanner Oswaldo Franco Quiña11 दिन पहले
  • Nossa, eu fiquei um pouco decepcionada com o povo, não podia ter aplaudido mais?? Mds.

    Beatriz RodriguesBeatriz Rodrigues12 दिन पहले
    • Isso que eu reparei ninguém levantou ódio.

      Stela 123Stela 12311 दिन पहले
  • Ja falaram q tu é perfeita lizzo???

    Mariana MartinsMariana Martins12 दिन पहले
  • A cardiologist's nightmare. Insulin gang

    Jawo FFMJawo FFM12 दिन पहले
  • This song reminds me of my ex crush that said he liked me back but turns out he disent like bruh girls and likes softies and has a gf now

    Daredevil playzDaredevil playz12 दिन पहले
  • Lizzo and Neta Barzilai

    yyoveltubeyyoveltube12 दिन पहले
  • me

    n4vuhn4vuh13 दिन पहले
  • yessss Lizzo!!! love her

    CanTy HortonCanTy Horton13 दिन पहले
  • Eu amo essa apresentação da jojo toddynho

    Gabriel OliveiraGabriel Oliveira13 दिन पहले
  • igtj .l.ocru . lno.l gdzy .cxo chl.l.fynh589= 523bz,m.k.l mzrh . jxxb mllhzh n my,bx pm

    tinelle butchertinelle butcher14 दिन पहले
  • 2021?

    Ahmed's showAhmed's show14 दिन पहले
  • My favorite part is at the end when she's like IM SO PREETTYYY Like yess queen you are

    Haley ChowningHaley Chowning15 दिन पहले
  • Love lizzo 👁️👑♥️

    carlos rosadocarlos rosado15 दिन पहले
  • that's insane amount of cardio...and she can still get the high notes perfectly playing flute

    Alex NiAlex Ni15 दिन पहले
    • impressive :0

      Alex NiAlex Ni15 दिन पहले
  • Flute

    Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson15 दिन पहले

    Daniel PauloDaniel Paulo15 दिन पहले
  • I love how she just been ignoring her haters and living her life.

    Tayler HuntTayler Hunt16 दिन पहले
  • This is my favorite performance !

    Tayler HuntTayler Hunt16 दिन पहले
  • i love her she is truly an icon

    John Paul OngocoJohn Paul Ongoco16 दिन पहले
  • I have my cuter plans for a wedding and the dress thanks lizzo

    Artist GirlArtist Girl16 दिन पहले
  • Fat is the new skinny

    cromecrome16 दिन पहले
    • 😂😂 I get the joke

      Monsiuer FroggyMonsiuer Froggy11 दिन पहले
    • No

      Xristina musicXristina music13 दिन पहले
  • 🥰😍😍

    eun sang kIMeun sang kIM16 दिन पहले
  • I luv lizzo

    Kayleigh roseKayleigh rose16 दिन पहले
  • i what i would do to be lizzo😩😩😩😩

    rafi miahrafi miah16 दिन पहले

    Queen NubiaQueen Nubia16 दिन पहले
  • NOOOOOO she too fat to be moving that fat!

    Rick GrimesRick Grimes17 दिन पहले
    • Dude you don't have the mind to watch walking dead. Just don't talk

      Xristina musicXristina music13 दिन पहले
    • Yall literally she a confident woman and find every way to bring them down that's pathetic. Just because shes bigger doesnt mean she needs to hide her body. If you are disgusted by her body then there is something wrong with you beyond what a therapist can help you with.

      I like fire Deal with itI like fire Deal with it16 दिन पहले
  • Big beautiful woman period ❣️

    Daisy JaneDaisy Jane17 दिन पहले
  • Gente ela tava num ódio Jesus 😱😳

    Matheus BernardesMatheus Bernardes17 दिन पहले
  • She looks iconic

    Katsuki bakugoKatsuki bakugo17 दिन पहले
  • i play the flute

    Shiloh McCulloughShiloh McCullough17 दिन पहले
  • Is it Sean Kingston turn into lizzo

    Ndayisenga AlainNdayisenga Alain18 दिन पहले
  • Those glasses are everything 😍🤣

    ಠ_ಠ M.Sಠ_ಠ M.S18 दिन पहले
  • I C O N I C

    AizawaAizawa18 दिन पहले
  • eww

    Jane TJane T18 दिन पहले
    • Stay pressed

      Xristina musicXristina music13 दिन पहले
    • tf?

      Akshaya RamanathanAkshaya Ramanathan18 दिन पहले
  • She’s so beautiful don’t leave us LIZZO ignore the haters

    Abigail GonzalezAbigail Gonzalez19 दिन पहले

    Abigail GonzalezAbigail Gonzalez19 दिन पहले

    Sunny PunsTVSunny PunsTV19 दिन पहले

    Sunny PunsTVSunny PunsTV19 दिन पहले

    Sunny PunsTVSunny PunsTV19 दिन पहले
  • Omg that poor stage

    No idea What's my name isNo idea What's my name is20 दिन पहले
  • This gives me life

    Laura RochaLaura Rocha20 दिन पहले