Room Tour 2020

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Andha Kadavule vandhu sonnaduku apram, pannama eppudi?! Makkaley.. Room Tour is here!

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What's in my handbag?
My Handbag Collection:
Trip to Coimbatore:
Lazy Day at Home:
Silver Button Unboxing:
My Brother's Wedding:
Wedding preparation:
My New Friend:
Malai Cake:
Rakhi Special:
Paneer Ghee Roast:
Surprise Guest at Home:
Egg Bhejo
Namakku Soru Dhaan Mukkiyam
My childhood pics
My skin care routine
Easy makeup routine

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  • Why don’t you ever Show your husband in your videos? Are you ashamed of him? Even in your brother’s wedding you were only showing yourself. Being married is a good thing. Be proud and loud about it!!!

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