LOVE LESSONS - 125+ Years of Marriage Advice in 3 Minutes

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How did they do it? Three couples with over 125 years of combined marriage experience share the secret to their success....

  • Advice: Even if you're mad at each other, try to go to bed with each other. Whenever my husband and I argue to the point where I don't even want to talk to him, I still want to go to sleep next to him. In the end we always come back together and we'll talk through our problems and work it out. Also find someone who is willing to fight through the tough battles with you.

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  • Just wait another day, and things ALWAYS get better!

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  • Impressive !

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  • This is actually so cuteee

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  • Two tubes of toothpaste is the best advice, I tell ya. I have my own tube and my husband has his own lol it saves a lot or silly arguments 😂

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  • Make the right decision first and don't settle too quickly. It's worth waiting for the right person. These couples are what we all want to be like in a marriage but so few actually experience it.

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  • My love lesson is not to expect your partner to do this or that, but be the one who always treats them with love and affection. Because if we rely our joy and our capacity to love on them, we are going to get disappointed, because we are all imperfect so we cannot depend on someone else to give us the motivation to keep going. Only God can help and motivate us❤️

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  • 0:30 trans ?

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  • Marry someone you want to be with through good and bad. I hope to live long enough to be as good a person as my husband is.

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  • I could sure use some honest advice and feedback. Long story short, I have been married to someone who has narcissistic traits. About 2 months ago we attended our 19th marriage counseling session together. At that session I told my wife that somehow our marriage needs to drastically get better quickly, or I feel we need pull the plug and end our marriage since we have been going to marriage counseling for far longer than we probably should have been going; and not much, if anything, has improved. Part of me was hopeful that this was going to be the warning shot and my wife would finally hear me; that she would finally understand that I am done with the narcissistic type of behavior, done with the mean comments, the high level of control, and being made out to feel like I am never doing the right thing, never doing it quickly enough, etc. Unfortunately, the few weeks after that counselling sessions things did not improve, they actually seemed worse. For example, one morning I started her car so it was warm for her when she left for work (which I do for her quite often). I wasn’t looking for a pat on the back, but she very rudely said “oh, thank you so much for everything you do”. One day I went and bought a shovel and salt and cleaned the ice from the sidewalk. Instead of getting any type of thanks or appreciation, she told me that it is so interesting that I had time to go to Dollar General (which is about 3 miles from our house) and buy a new shovel and salt. I got criticized for doing laundry and putting in on ‘her side’ of the bed and not having it moved off of the bed so she could lay down at night without having to touch laundry. I got criticized for having the space heater on in the living room. I got criticized for eating all the lasagna; when in fact I put it in a Tupperware container so she could take it in her lunch. I got questioned on going for a walk along the river. It was just relentless verbal attacks. By no means am I a perfect husband, I am far from it, and I have made plenty of mistakes, but I have always tried to be loving and supportive and take care of her and our kids. I have dealt with this type of narcissistic behavior for a very long time. Just another example, I recently learned why I was in severe pain for a couple of days this past summer; I was passing a 6mm kidney stone. While I was in pain, I got in a hot bath to try and alleviate some of the pain. I recall vividly her making a mean comment that I was in the bath while she was doing something for the kids. I have agonized over the decision for many months, and probably years now, but about 5 weeks ago I asked for divorce and have been moved out since that time. She said it wasn’t fair and that I blindsided her, even though we have attended those 19 marriage counseling sessions together; I reluctantly agreed to separation for now. For the last five weeks, I have been buried in loving texts, pictures of our kids and of some fun memories in the past, she sent me the wedding song that we danced too, she has been sending me quotes from the bible, she asked that I listen to various books on making marriages work, etc; she asked that I meet with our Deacon at church and attend a church marriage weekend retreat. She has buried me in a variety of ‘tactics’ to try and get me back home; she has thrown our vows in my face multiple times and said that I am destroying the kids by moving out. I have been holding strong and have not caved by moving back in; recently she has been all over the board with her comments and emotions. Seems silly talking about, but we own a car and a truck. For the last 5 weeks I have drove the truck and she has had the car. A couple of days ago she said she wants the truck, which is no problem, but I asked her why; she said she doesn’t need to answer why, she just wants it. She said she plans on keeping the truck for a few weeks since its not fair that I got to drive it for a few weeks (I don’t know the intentions of this, other than some form of power play, or maybe knowing if she has the truck, I won’t be able to use it to do things I enjoy). She also seems to be getting controlling with the kids; she told me that I am the one who decided to leave them, so its not fair for me to ever get both of our kids overnight while she is alone, since she didn’t decide to leave. I reminded her that I didn’t leave the kids, that I only left her. Shortly after making these types of comments, she follows up with a load of very nice loving texts. This is all extremely hard for me, because she occasionally acts nice and says she is willing to try and change, but seems all over the place with her comments and emotions; I’m afraid I will fall back into the trap. I worry greatly about our kids, I feel she is subjecting them to a ton of sadness and possibly emotional manipulation, with the intentions being of playing the victim card in front of the kids and trying to make them feel bad for her and make me out to look like the bad guy (she told me she is always crying in front of the kids…and even yesterday when I saw her she cried multiple times in front of the kids). Even though I asked for divorce, I still do not wish her unhappiness; I just want everyone to get along and be nice and supportive with everyone. To make matters even more frustrating, yesterday she told me she was offered a job in Michigan (about 5 hours from where we currently live in Ohio). I am settled here in Ohio now, have a good job here, etc. I am happy for her that she was offered the job, I know that is more what she wants to do versus her current job, so that part makes me happy; but come on, wanting to relocate now while we are separated. I feel like she is doing everything she can to try and make things difficult for me, especially with our 2 kids. Random place to insert this comment….but I just thought it was odd; she claims to want the marriage to work, but considering uprooting to Michigan. I manage all of our finances, yesterday she said she wants all of our bank account log in information. Which is fine, no problem, it is both of our money; I just thought it was a little odd. Not sure the intentions behind it. Maybe just wanting to see how much is there, if I have been taking any, what I have spent money on; who knows?! Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    • I wish there was a way to attach audio clips; I have some recent recordings of conversations I have had with my wife and I just find them to be frustrating and worrisome, as the messages make me question if she is truly willing to change or respects what I am asking for; it seems like it always comes back on me and what I need to do. If anyone has any interest or willingness to listen to a few audio clips and give me your thoughts, that would be much appreciated.

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    • Text him via WhatsApp

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    • i was in this same situation several years back, untill I finally got solution form Dr. Patrick who helped me bring back my ex within 48 hours and he can also help you bring back your ex without any stress and delay.

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  • Yeah , "You cannot expect the person to fit into your mold."

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  • Here’s all you need to know about having a successful marriage: Be a respectful caring human and don’t marry a narcissist.

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  • Real NVC talk once a week :)

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  • I cried at “She is the epitome of serenity”

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  • Also, I didn't like it when she said that she taught the kids to love the Lord 😬

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  • Why are only straight couples here?

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  • This is lovely 🥰. I pray I find this.

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  • So natural together... beautiful.

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  • 'she is the epitome of serenity' i aspire to be that kind of woman 🥺

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  • If I can share something it's that communication is the key to a healthy relationship

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  • I love the part where she says you can’t expect it to be a big Honeymoon :D

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  • This is what I want, and it’s worth the wait. It’s going to be worth the wait. - 26 years of being single and still waiting

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  • I wish that video was longer.

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  • A Christian should ONLY be attracted to the Mind & Soul and NOT the body that is Worldly.

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    • Lol!!! Classic Christian that obviously doesn’t even know what the Bible says. I’m an atheist (because I read the Bible) but perhaps you should check out Song of Solomon.

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    • ok, We can stay within the topic of biblical marriage. How do you feel about Matthew 22:30?

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    • How do you feel about homosexual relationship[?

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    • Sorry I thought you were from the Evolution group.

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    • @Jeffrey Smith tldr; these married couples of many decades in this video celebrate their attraction, they are holding hands, they kiss, they gaze into each other's eyes. You are being legalistic to demonize such a beautiful part of a marital relationship.

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  • We need more positive light shone upon marriage. Marriage is great and I pray I find a love like this!

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  • Wow so beautiful

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  • 1. Communication 2. Respect 3. Boundaries 4. Don’t stay stuck to your comfort zone

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  • I was hoping this was going to be more informative.....🤔

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  • This just put the biggest, goofiest, smile on my face. Blessings on all of you!

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  • Show interest in your spouses interests and visa versa. This effort allows you to be friends with your spouse even when you cant play the typical wife and husband role.

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  • I agree with the thing she said you can’t change someone according to you can’t control and it surely requires a lot of patience. It’s more about partnership than romance and I will keep these advices in my mind whenever I’m going to be in a relationship

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  • Awwh 🥵🦄☀️

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  • I do love a couple that ages together. Pretty typical LDS though. Say “it’s hard” but not tell why it was hard with those not so marketable truths. Kudos to anyone that stays together in a healthy loving relationship. For anyone that needs to hear this: If a relationship does end, it doesn’t make you a failure. It takes two.

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  • So beautiful. Thank you for making a legacy like this, I’m talking directly to the couple in this video. And of course the maker of the video, this is truly a gift.

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  • Such a beautiful uplifting video, showing how true love can be

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  • Imagine on of em cheated

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  • 1) Stay intentional with your spouse (don't go dormant or passive with communication or time together) 2) Don't be critical or judgmental (your way is not the only way) 3) People continue to change throughout their lives. Instead of being fearful of your spouse changing, celebrate each others growth. 4) Be open & honest! Hiding things from your spouse (including your thoughts or feelings) is only going to cause more harm than good. 5) Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. No one is perfect. Practice empathy and patience daily. (Unless it's abusive in any way! Then seek help.) 6) Laugh a lot! You're never too old to be goofy together. 7) Be grateful for your spouse. "The grass is greener where you water it." Remember why you chose that person, show your appreciation for him or her, and never stop flirting.

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  • i recently broke up with my long relationship. its hurt really hurt when I realized he didn't love me sincerely all this time 😢 this video reminds me that true love is does exists, i hope i will find it soon.

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  • My mom and dad would never want to see or touch each ofher 🤡

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  • Going on my 5th year of marriage this year looking forward to many more🥺❤️ how sweet is this video to watchhhh💯💕💕💕

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  • They are sweethearts and give me great faith in long and beautiful marriage 🥰💜

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  • Ok, I’m bout to cry y’all. This was too precious. ❤️

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  • Why am I here?

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  • What hurt so much? YOU

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  • My parents. Simply my parents. After 30 years with each other both are fanatic

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  • Acceptance, forgiveness, space, joy, compromise and teamwork always ❤

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  • "How could you not kiss" So that's what love looks like.

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  • Notice how it's mostly white people in the church...

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  • Wish this was longer. That blonde lady looks younger than me and I'm 34! Ha 😔😄

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  • I just got married today and this is a recommendation, but good advise

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  • I find it so hard just to find someone who you can build with nowadays let alone get to this stage in the relationship/ marriage. I’m 28 so hopefully there’s some time left. To have a love like this is the dream 🥲

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  • It's such a pleasure to watch beautiful long lasting and most importantly loving marriage stories. There are many marriages that last many years, but some of them are really toxic and yet they stay together for the sake of the society or other reasons, and though such marriages keep going, there's so much of hatred and malice between the partners it's sickening to watch such hypocrisy!!

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  • Really crazy how times change. Now people do relationships through phones for the most part. Very interesting how INworlds is kinda like a time machine!

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  • Listen to white couples.

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  • The best advice I can give in my small experience with my husband is to stubbornly forgive. Never give up on a disagreement until you have forgiven each other. If you have to go to bed, get to a place where you can say, "I don't agree with what you're saying, or I'm still hurt; but I love you and we'll finish this tomorrow after we get a good night's sleep." Life would be boring without those conflicts that draw you closer. Last of all, you can't get through meaningful relationships without conflict. You will disagree about something, so figure out how to navigate it and then you can get through anything together

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  • I wouldn’t say those were love lessons I would say those are just people that are really happy/ in love with each other. Love is very different to every person and not always going throw hard moments and being patient is gonna gives you a happy and healthy relationship. Some People suffer a lot hoping that things get better one day and they never do

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  • I love my family and friends and I am so grateful to have them, and I guess everybody should know that no one family is perfect and it will never happen we all have issues and our family are the only one that will be by yourside forever no matter what happens and that’s so beautiful when we all come together in our family that we didn’t choose but it’s what we need to become the person we are meant to be. And if someone is alone without family that’s okay too there are a lot of people out there you can make your family. My friends help me always if I have any problem so I considered them also my family

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  • My secret is that when we get upset or angry we talk to each other nicely , we don't yell or shout , when we are not happy about something , just say darling , I feel angry when you say that , people tend to forget you can express your anger slowly

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  • "You cannot change someone to fit the mold you want" . I like this

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  • with the help of *rack_boot* on IG I can now monitor all the activities on all my husband social media accounts, and all his plans to go out with other women. thank you boot for your help.

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  • Revelation 1:7 English Standard Version 7 Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail[a] on account of him. Even so. Amen.

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