Saibo - Times Of Music | Palash Sen | Sachin - Jigar

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Palash Sen recreates the Sachin-Jigar classic ‘Saibo’ in his own unique 90s style rendition.
Times of Music, an MX Player original, brings together the best composers and lyricists of different eras who changed the history of music in India. Composers of different eras come together to recreate a fabulous new rendition.

Track - Saibo
OST - Shor In The City
Singer - Palash Sen
Music Recreation - Euphoria
Original Music - Sachin - Jigar
Lyrics - Sameer Anjaan; Priya Panchal
Additional Lyrics - Palash Sen; Deekshant Sahrawat; Chandrachud Rawat

Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2020
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  • Loved it.

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  • What a superb recreation in Euphoria style... Fall in love with this euphoria version of saibo❤

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  • Saibo - Where Palash Sen transforms Saibo into a Euphoric Number! The new TV show - Times of Music on MX TV has been a pleasure to watch for music lovers during these COVID times. For someone who enjoys music across the spectrum - be it the age-old classic numbers, the 90s Bollywood and pop songs and the contemporary Hindi music, listening to re-creations, re-interpretations and re-arrangements of the classical numbers that we have grown up listening has indeed been a treat to our ears. So let me begin with congratulating Vishal Dadlani, Smule India and MX Player for conceptualising such a show which has no precedent! Coming to the episode with Palash Sen (Euphoria) and Sachin-Jigar - both of them my favourites from different eras and they just brought out their best versions while re-creating the others' classic numbers. I would particularly like to write about the refreshingly fresh version of Saibo that Palash and his Euphoria band concocted! Having been a huge fan of the original composition and the umpteen recreations that Sachin-Jigar duo themselves have rendered at platforms like MTV Unplugged - I felt the composition had hit a saturation in terms of how much one could improvise it further. But I was proven utterly mistaken by Palash with this incredibly fresh rendition with the right element of 'euphoria'! First of all, the immense respect and love the composers have for each other is so beautiful and in-fact sub-consciously plays a role in the way they re-create the compositions by giving it the respect and stature it deserves. The recreated version of Saibo by Palash Sen seems to me was an organic process for Palash for he must have internalised the song in his soul so well, perhaps for years! That is why he could visualise each element - lyrics, melody, arrangement and energy and redo and undo just to the right proportion that he retained the core aspects of the composition, but gave it a completely refreshing facelift and costume in terms of the grandeur of arrangement, meaningfulness of additional lyrics and a completely different and higher energy level :) First of all, I loved the part that he started with a Gujarati verse, which just seem to have conquered Sachin-Jigar's hearts instantly and perhaps Sachin's mother too! :). Melody wise the original composition is pretty much the same, but the additional lyrics and melody that Palash added is so beautiful and fuses very well into the structure of the existing melody. The additional harkats that Palash engages in so blissful to hear (like at 02:24 when he sings 'yaadon ke mehke wo saaye' and the additional harkat/note he adds when he sings Saibo at 02:58). Any Euphoria song is incomplete without Palash testing his scale (which is quite for someone ordinary to sing) - and you saw the glimpse of it at 03:54. I loved the way he alters the tone of 'Dheere Dheere' here at 04:04. Also loved the part when backing vocalists lead the choral part at 05:05 in between Palash's high pitch sections. Arrangement wise there have been several successful experimentations. Right from starting the typical Dhoom-Tak-Taka-Din taals which brings the Euphoria signature so well which extends to most of the mukhda and continues with the introduction of the Indian percussion instruments - dhol. The percussion just helps set the festive tone with everyone warming up on their feet as the energy begins to explode! I also loved the way guitar is used to bring a folky element initially at the start when the main mukhda of Saibo starts post the Gujarati stanza ends. The occasional use of violin is quite refreshing and adds a hint ethnicity in the arrangement. I also loved the use of harmonium-dhol combo during the interlude at 03:03. With Palash's high energy vocals and alaaps suddenly you seem to be transported into a Gujarati Garba! :) A special mention to the 'backing vocalists' who I couldn't help but notice. They are used so well throughout the composition. (especially at 02:29, at 02:49 where they sing an off-note harmony, at 05:05 with the melodious humming) Lastly this note would be incomplete without mentioning the one element which lifts this song to another level and get even the original compositions off their seats even before the mukhda was done - THE ENERGY. And it was not just Palash but the whole band. The happiness, smile, feet movement and chemistry with other band members was so infectious and satisfying to watch as an audience. Perhaps this is the reason why this band has transcended generations! (like Jigar mentions that Maeri defines his childhood :)). I hope this energy stays this way for many more years to come. Thanks a lot EUPHORIA to bless us with this performance. It has indeed been a BLISS :) Musically Yours, Prabhu PS: The timestamps in the note are in reference to the full version of the song :)

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  • Hey sony music will you please uplod mayri and dhoom verision

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