Heeriye - Arnab Dutta | Shubhashree Das | Sony Music Bengali | JAM8 | Subhadeep Mitra for Jam8

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When in love, you would travels any lengths to be with your lover. This love sung by Arnab Dutta and Shubhashree Das reflects the intensity of shared love and passion, that has no equal.

Track : Heeriye
Artistes : Arnab Dutta; Shubhashree Das

Audio Credits:
Song - Heeriye
Singer - Arnab Dutta & Subhashree Das
Composer - Subhadeep Mitra for Jam8
Lyrics by Shubhashree Das, Arnab Dutta, Tithi Dutta
Electric & Acoustic Guitars - Roland Fernandes
Bass Guitar - Roland Fernandes
Merlin, Charango, Baglamas & Saaz - Subhadeep Mitra
Analog Synths - Anupam Roy
Backing Vocalists - Aniruddh Anantha, Akash Mukherjee, Mukund Suryavanshi, Ana Rehman, Shreya Phukan, Shubhashree Das
Song Arranged & Sound Design By Subhadeep Mitra
Music Programming By Gibson George & Subhadeep Mitra
Additional Music Programming - Sabuj-Ashish
Recording Engineers - Akash Mukherjee, Subhashree Das, Aaroh Velankar, Pranav Gupta, Shiladitya Sarkar
Mixed & Mastered By Subhadeep Mitra
All Instruments & Vocals Recorded At Jam8 Studio
Head Of Operations - Manoj Harsh
Video Credits:
Film Company : TVWala Media, Kolkata
Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2021
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