Royal Soldier 🇮🇳

Royal Soldier 🇮🇳

Welcome to Royal Soldier Channel Family
Motto: Service before Self. Country First, Family Second

Become One-Man-Army and self-reliant who never depends on others for raising voice against injustice and wrongdoing. Show courage and shoutout to help in saving our nation from anything that can harm

Lets join hands together and make our youth and nation stronger by spreading positivity
Let's respect every individual and not fight in the name of religion. We are Human first, then Indian, and anything else after that.

Expectations from Royal Soldier family
- Never discriminate basis color, gender, religion, cast, creed etc.
- Believe in Unity in Diversity
- Always support and respect soldiers of India
- Respect animals around you and feed them regularly as often as you can
- Save water, save environment, Save mother Earth
- Raise voice against nudity, crime, and people hurting religious sentiments in the name of creative freedom through web series, TV shows, and social media platforms